This lady underwent weight-loss surgery, and here is how she looks at her own wedding…

Nikki Weber, a 34-year-old American, has struggled with obesity since she was a child. In her attempt to lose weight as she got older, she tried a variety of diets and even went on a hunger strike.

She did, however, often give in to her cravings for sugary and fatty foods. She realized she needed to make a change when her weight hit 295 pounds.

Nikki moved in with her parents as her health deteriorated to the point where she needed assistance just to get out of bed. They, unfortunately, saw her predicament as a limited issue and did not actively urge her to embrace a healthy lifestyle. They even invented a method for delivering food to the upper floors.

Nikki’s determination to lose «my entire 300 kilograms» was important in her weight loss journey. Dietitians created a customized diet for her after she had stomach surgery. Nikki was originally concerned about her ability to manage her emotions, but she conquered her anxieties and lost 90 pounds within a year after the surgery.

Nikki shed 160 pounds in total and an extra 25 pounds through skin removal surgery. She now weighs 90 kg and walks 3-5 kilometers every day.

Nikki can’t believe she went from being an overweight person to a gorgeous, average-sized woman simply by reducing weight. Her life changed when she met Marcus at the gym and fell in love. Marcus proposed later that year.

Nikki expresses gratitude to everyone who supported her in achieving this remarkable transformation and is now acutely aware of the potential harm she narrowly avoided. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing one’s shortcomings, encouraging others to have faith, as everything can eventually work out positively.

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