This 35-year-old woman appears to be a child, and here’s why…

A baby girl was born three and a half decades ago with no obvious defects and normal height and weight. The parents, who desired a large family, soon welcomed a boy into their lives, which brought them great delight.

However, it wasn’t long before it became clear that both children were suffering from health problems caused by a shortage of growth hormones. Despite receiving therapy from top-tier physicians, their condition did not improve.

Various medical treatments and pharmaceuticals aggravated the condition, culminating to the father’s departure from the family. As a result, Nancy, the mother, bore all responsibility for the family.

The children’s situations gradually improved: John became stronger, and Geena was allowed to attend school. Geena briefly worked as a sales consultant in a cosmetics company after graduating from ninth grade.

John, on the other hand, assists his mother and sister in their daily lives.

Despite the family’s basic living conditions, disability compensation and a social package remained insufficient. To make ends meet, Nancy took up weaving and kindly donated a percentage of her income to charity.

Geena enjoys playing the guitar and aspires to perform like the women she watches on TV. Nancy’s children, while in their thirties, appear little for their age.

However, there are times when they show a stunning level of maturity, leaving their mother speechless. Geena, for example, created a bank account on her own, which caught Nancy off guard.

The family lives together and attends church every Sunday. Despite their challenges, Geena and John nurture dreams of establishing their own families and having children. Here’s to wishing Geena and John good health and the realization of all their dreams!

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