Parents Are Bored Until the Dance Team Starts a «Super Mario Bros.» Routine. And Then Everyone Goes Wild

For most parents, back-to-school open houses are just boring meetings. Typically, these events revolve around the school principal’s discussion of the upcoming year, offering little in terms of entertainment.

However, Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona, hosted an open house ceremony that was truly one-of-a-kind, leaving parents with big smiles on their faces. Let me tell you, the school has quite the reputation for their incredible PAC dance team. These talented dancers never pass up an opportunity to put on a show for the crowd!

The dance team of Walden Grove High School’s Performing Arts Crew (PAC) has gained national recognition. Not only have they won the Arizona State Cheerleading/Pom Tournament four times, but they also auditioned for season 13 of «America’s Got Talent.»

These talented teenagers have also gained quite a following on the internet. The team’s homecoming and assembly dances have become incredibly popular on YouTube, with millions of views. The videos showcase playful themes such as «Pixar,» «Wizard of Oz,» and «Alice In Wonderland.»

The team showcased a delightful «Super Mario Brothers» routine during the school’s 2018 open house, adding to the festive atmosphere. And, true to form, they once again exceeded expectations!

The team was split into two groups: Marios and Luigis, with two dancers dressed as the princesses. As the familiar video game music filled the air, the dancers unleashed a burst of lively and dynamic hip-hop moves, flawlessly synchronized and executed.

The kids are clearly having a great time, and it’s easy to see why. So, will the Mario Brothers be able to rescue the princesses and emerge victorious in this epic adventure? You’ll have to tune in to discover the answer.

Wow, these parents are really fortunate to have such an entertaining dance troupe! Attending our school’s open houses would be much more enjoyable with the presence of the PAC to add some excitement.

Check out the team’s latest viral video below and be sure to share it to brighten someone’s day.

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