Little Girl Goes To Heaven As Parents Look On — Heart-Wrenching Video That Will Make You Believe In God And His Miracles

The online video of Kinnady Devine has gone viral and is both difficult to watch and incredibly powerful. During her time in the hospital, the brave young girl tragically passes away and ascends to Heaven. But don’t worry — she returns with gratitude towards Jesus and eventually fully recovers!

Back in January 2017, Rachel and Levi Devine experienced a parent’s worst nightmare. Kinnady, their vibrant and lively 6-year-old, was unexpectedly battling for her life.

It’s unfortunate that the little girl ended up with bacterial meningitis, an infection that leads to inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This disease is extremely severe and can be fatal within a short period of time. Immediate antibiotic treatment is necessary to prevent severe side effects such as brain damage or even death.

Rachel and Levi were in the hospital, anxiously waiting for news about their daughter’s condition. The uncertainty weighed heavily on their hearts. Meanwhile, a plea was made on Facebook to friends and family, urging them to offer their prayers and support in any way possible.

Collecting cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is crucial for doctors to accurately diagnose bacterial meningitis and determine the specific strain of bacteria responsible. Poor Kinnady had to undergo a spinal tap. Afterwards, the girl would be administered antibiotics in an attempt to combat the infection.

Kinnady was resting in her hospital bed, with her mom, dad, and Nana by her side. Rachel couldn’t help but capture a video of little Kinnady after the difficult and scary procedure. This lovely girl is overflowing with gratitude as she showers praise upon her family and expresses her heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional care provided by her dedicated nurses.

Occasionally, Kinnady succumbs to exhaustion from the rigorous treatment and the little girl drifts off to sleep. Something magical occurs as the little girl clasps her hands together and begins to pray. And in that very moment, the girl ascends to Heaven.

Kinnady quickly disappears from view, but just as quickly reappears with a joyful exclamation, «I’m here?!»

The girl’s genuine surprise and delight upon waking up in the hospital bed, surrounded by her loved ones, is truly heartwarming. She appears to have recently come back from a lengthy adventure.

Amidst expressing gratitude towards her family and conveying her deep affection for them, Kinnady shares her determination to improve and reflects on her prayers for the possibility of returning home.

“I prayed you can go home safely with me,” the tearful girl explains to her dad at around the 3:50 mark.

Kinnady’s mom later explained that whenever the little girl would fall asleep, she seemed to believe that she had entered a heavenly realm. And every time she woke up, little Kinnady would resume her prayers.

Rachel later shared with the doctor the experiences of Kinnady waking up, recounting her visits to Heaven and her prayers.

«Saying prayers is such a wonderful practice,» Kinnady exclaims. «I have a deep love and devotion for God and Jesus, and I feel blessed to have them in my life.»

After a while, the adorable girl reaches out for her mom’s hand and invites her family to join her in prayer. And then, she enthusiastically declares, «I’m feeling much better!»

The coolest thing is that Kinnady was right—she was better! Just a few days after the family’s friend, Sarah Ford, shared a plea for help on Facebook, she posted another update with incredible news — Kinnady had experienced a miraculous healing!

She miraculously walked out of the hospital this weekend, completely unharmed, as if nothing had happened. It’s truly a testament to the power of prayer and the grace of God. Listen to Kinnady’s incredible story, even if you’re skeptical about miracles, prayer, or the existence of God!

Truly, Kinnady’s unwavering faith and miraculous healing have served as a source of inspiration not only for her family, but also for individuals who were previously unknown to her. One commenter replied:

Although I haven’t had the chance to meet this family, the video they shared has deeply impacted me. It has resonated with me on multiple levels and left a lasting impression. I’ve been feeling a bit down lately and have been questioning my faith. However, this little girl and her story have completely transformed my heart and renewed my faith! Thank you for sharing this amazing miracle with me.

It’s truly remarkable what happened to this young girl. We are delighted to hear that she has fully recovered and is now spreading the joy of her faith to inspire others!»

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