Golden Buzzer Audition: Shea Leaves Judges in Awe With Powerful Rendition of “Like My Father”

Shea, hailing from Vancouver, BC, has always had a passion for singing. In her heartfelt performance of «Like My Father,» Shea pays tribute to her parents, who lovingly raised her after their immigration from Hong Kong when she was just four years old. It’s clear that her parents’ love had a profound impact on her.

The Golden Buzzer is truly a rare and extraordinary occurrence. Stepping onto the stage, this young Asian girl exuded an undeniable sweetness and charm. Little did anyone know, she was about to leave the audience and jury completely stunned.

She finds music to be incredibly beautiful and captivating. Her memories were filled with the enchanting melodies of her childhood. She arrived with just her mom since her dad was away, but the physical separation didn’t prevent her from feeling and receiving her dad’s support. Her mother’s pride was evident. She managed to bring tears to her eyes for a little while.

The crowd was absolutely thrilled, and they couldn’t help but break out into spontaneous dance. The jury was impressed by her ability to deliver the message with such skill, surpassing even many adults on the stage.
This incredible moment will have a lasting impact on her life!

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