High Schooler Steps in to Save 9-Year-Old Cheerleader’s Day When Her Veteran Dad Can’t Make It

Addie Rodriguez was going to go on the field with her father at a high school football game, when he and other fathers would raise their daughters onto their shoulders for a routine. Unfortunately, Addie’s dad was unable to make the event as he was halfway across the country.

Her father is Abel Rodriguez, a seasoned airman who, following deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, was undergoing training at Travis Air Force Base in California, a considerable distance of 1,700 miles away from his family in San Antonio.

«Mom didn’t get the memo «It was parent day, and unfortunately, Addie’s mom missed the memo because her dad left on Wednesday,» explained Alexis Perry-Rodriguez. She went on to say, «It was truly heart-wrenching to witness your daughter standing alone, the only one without her father, fully aware of the reason for his absence.» It’s more than just a parent who is absent. He is bravely serving our country.

As Addie found herself sitting alone in front of the game’s crowd, a figure suddenly approached her on the field. It was Central Catholic High School senior Matthew Garcia who approached her, noticing that she was the only cheerleader without a partner.

Garcia recounted the incident to local news station FOX 29, describing how he swiftly descended from the bleachers, leaped over the fence, and approached the girl. He knelt down beside her and gently asked, «Are you OK?»

He then carried Addie onto his shoulders, mirroring the way fathers lift their daughters, allowing her to join in on the routine. Observers were quick to recognize the remarkable display of compassion, causing a flurry of excitement on social media:

According to Addie, Garcia’s small gesture of assistance meant the world to her. After the routine was finished, they paused to take a picture together, creating a memorable moment that she will cherish for a long time.

«I just felt like somebody saved my life,» Addie expressed, emphasizing, «I thought that’s so nice, especially since my dad’s serving for us.”

Check out the YouTube video below:

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