Cher, 77, Makes Rare Public Appearance, Cuddling with Much Younger Boyfriend — Unbelievable Age Gap

Cher was recently seen holding hands with Alexander «AE» Edwards, her much younger boyfriend. At the event they went to, the 77-year-old and 38-year-old were seen holding hands.

Famous musician Cher, aged 77, and her boyfriend Alexander Edwards, aged 38, made a stylish appearance on February 1 at the pre-Grammy party hosted by Warner Music Group.

Cher and Alexander had a great time taking photos together, capturing special moments with others as well, including Warner Records COO and Co-chair Tom Corson. The photos captured the couple hugging each other while they showed in the festivities of the event.

The Hollywood couple, who shared their love story with the public in November two years ago, chose to dress in matching outfits. Cher looked stunning in her off-the-shoulder long-sleeved black top and bejeweled gray jeans. She completed her outfit with silver jewelry and bedazzled hand gloves, adding a touch of glamour to her look. Alexander chose to wear a stylish collection consisting of a black top, coat, and gray jeans. To add a touch of flair, he accessorized with silver earrings and a silver chain.

The singer of «Save Up All Your Tears» had a lovely evening with her partner, following recent news about a legal issue involving one of her sons. Cher and Alexander’s unexpected public appearance aligns with her ongoing challenges regarding her conservatorship and her son, Elijah Blue Allman.

As previously reported on January 7:

Cher has dedicated a significant portion of her life to challenging societal norms and pushing the limits of acceptability. She has always marched to the beat of her own drum, whether it’s in her fashion choices, musical selections, or outspoken views. This behavior also carried over into her relationships.

Cher shared a photo on X of her playfully posing with Edwards, gently lifting his chin to catch his gaze. She wrote in the post, «Love is Love.» However, there were fans who had a different perspective.

People can’t help but gossip about her recent relationship with rapper Alexander Edwards due to the noticeable age difference. Cher’s latest update featuring Edwards has left fans even more perplexed.

There was some confusion among fans as one mistook Edwards for Kyle Kuzma, a basketball player, while another believed Cher was actually country singer Dolly Parton. Other fans started raising questions, wondering why Edwards didn’t share anything about Cher on his social media.

One fan expressed concern over Cher’s apparent tears, suggesting that she should focus on the happiness of being in love. One curious fan pondered whether the tears streaming down Cher’s face were tears of joy.

Cher received a lot of support from her fans regarding her relationship. One fan expressed the belief that Cher’s happiness should be the priority, emphasizing that love knows no boundaries of color, size, or shape. Another felt that everyone deserved to enjoy love. Another fan commented on how amazing both Edwards and Cher looked. One fan was confused as they thought they remembered Cher saying she and Edwards had broken up.

However, it remains uncertain whether or not the couple has ended their relationship. However, Cher initially had doubts about their relationship, expressing to Edwards that she didn’t believe it would succeed. In December 2022, Cher described their relationship as somewhat absurd on paper, but emphasized that they had a strong connection and were genuinely content together.

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