Street Cat Greets Passerby With a ‘Buongiorno’ in Italy — WATCH the Video

There’s this adorable street cat in Italy that has gained quite a following thanks to its absolutely charming response to a stranger’s greeting.

A woman walking through Italy’s charming alleys managed to capture the magical moment on film. With a playful spirit, she greeted the curious cat with a cheerful «Buongiorno.»

The cat’s response to the video has brought immense joy and astonishment to everyone who has witnessed it. It can only be described as a flawless feline rendition of «Buongiorno.»

@francescandloves Il BUONgiorno di Paulo 🐾 #pets #catsoftiktok #gattocheparla #paulosuperstar ♬ suono originale — MyPets

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