Young Man Begins ‘The Voice’ Audition With Adele’s Famous Song, Two Seconds Later, Judges Slam Hands on Buzzer

I find live performances to be very interesting.

Experiencing the music, the lyrics, and the raw emotions on a stage is truly incomparable. That’s the reason why The Voice has gained such immense popularity!

In one of the seasons of The Voice: Portugal, Fernando Daniel made a memorable entrance during the audition round, captivating everyone with his exceptional vocal talent.

He decided to perform «When We Were Young» by Adele, which can be seen as a bold choice. When it comes to covering Adele, confidence in your sound is key, and after listening to Fernando, it’s evident that he has it in abundance!

As soon as the video begins, his mesmerizing voice captivates the audience. Within moments, two judges are so impressed that they hit their buzzers and turn around! In a matter of seconds, another judge turns, leaving only one remaining.

There is no doubting that he is amazing, even from just listening to him. It’s absolutely incredible that following this audition, he managed to make it all the way on The Voice: Portugal and emerged as the winner of the season!

Feel free to share this incredible performance with your loved ones who will truly enjoy it!

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