CBS And Taylor Swift Slammed by Furious NFL Fans for Ruining Super Bowl

It was no surprise that during Super Bowl LVIII, the attention was divided between the action on the field and the captivating presence of Taylor Swift in the stands.

While Taylor Swift’s fans can’t seem to get enough of the beloved «Love Story» singer, many NFL fans have grown tired of her presence.

After the Super Bowl, it’s hard to recall the actual winner — the Kansas City Chiefs — as most of the attention has been focused on Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Now, CBS is facing criticism for the amount of airtime Swift received during the big game. Continue reading to discover their thoughts and the actual amount of time the Grammy award winner was featured.

Prior to the Super Bowl, there was a lot of speculation about whether Swift would be able to make the lengthy journey from Tokyo to Las Vegas in time to witness Kelce’s performance.

Fortunately, she successfully reached her destination, bringing relief to everyone.

However, during the game, there were some who had concerns about both her actions caught on the jumbotron and the frequency of her appearances on TV.

Chris Russo, a radio host, said that CBS was wrong to show Swift’s room «9,000 times.»

“I’ve seen it again on the field; I think there’s a future there, but they went to her way, way too many times. «I didn’t keep track of the number of shots on that suite — it must have been around 10 or 12 throughout the game,» he remarked.

Despite Russo’s assertion that Swift received an excessive amount of airtime, it has been determined that she only appeared on television for 54 seconds, which is less than 1 percent of the Super Bowl.

“It’s way over the top…»It’s not really about the length, it’s more about going to her suite,» Russo explained.

«It’s as simple as just visiting the site briefly. And if you only visit it briefly, that means you can still go there multiple times — each visit lasting just a few seconds. Oh, look who’s here! Ah, look who’s arrived! Look at Kelce, snagging that ball! There she is, making it look effortless. The Chiefs are on the move, and there she is. Crossed her fingers; there she is! It was just way too much, you know?»

Are you tired of hearing about Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl or do you feel that the media’s coverage has been adequate?

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