A Mesmerizing Ice Dance Performance by Knierim and Frazier in the Heart of NYC’s Bryant Park

Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frazier, the reigning World Champion skating pair, wowed the audience with their captivating performance at the 2023 Tree Lighting Show at Bank of America Winter Village in Bryant Park, New York City.

Their performance stole the show at an event that showcased an array of skilled skaters, such as Mariah Bell, Karen Chen, and Ryan Bradley. The event showcased awe-inspiring ice-skating performances and the lighting of a stunning tree.

The tree was truly a sight to behold, towering at 48 feet and weighing a massive 8,000 pounds. It was a stunning display, with an impressive array of over 12,000 lights and 1,000 oversized ornaments. The tree provided a magnificent backdrop for the performances, adding an extra touch of magic to the event.

Knierim and Frazier’s routine showcased a beautiful display of intricate lifts, a graceful spiral twist, and a perfectly executed double twist. However, jumps were not incorporated into their performance. Their performance is accompanied by the powerful and emotive music of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, resulting in a captivating experience for the audience.

Watch the beautiful performance here:

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