Age is Just a Number: 79-Year-Old Woman Achieves Lifelong Dream of Traveling To Every Country in the World

Luisa Yu, at 79 years old, has achieved a remarkable feat by visiting every country in the world, showcasing the power of perseverance and wanderlust.

Yu’s journey started when she was a 23-year-old exchange student from the Philippines. 56 years later, she achieved her lifelong goal.

Luisa Yu embarked on a unique journey when she arrived in the United States as an exchange student. She found herself unable to travel abroad, so she decided to embark on a Greyhound bus tour across the United States, immersing herself in the diverse landscapes and cultures of the country. Following a successful stint in the medical technology industry, Yu made a bold career change to pursue her love for travel by becoming a travel agent.

Throughout the last fifty years, Yu has traveled extensively, delving into the diverse history, culture, and scenery that each nation has to present. Yu’s unwavering dedication to her ambitious goal led her to explore places that others might find risky. She eagerly embraced the challenge, fueled by a strong desire to experience the stories and traditions of those regions firsthand.

«Despite the risks involved, I confidently said, ‘I believe I can handle this.’ Seeing these places in person is a must for me, as they hold a wealth of historical and cultural significance», Yu shared some insights with GMA.

On November 9, 2023, Luisa Yu achieved a significant milestone by stepping foot in her final country, Serbia, completing her remarkable quest to visit every country on Earth.

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