Vanessa Bryant Delivers an Emotional Speech at the Kobe Bryant Statue Unveiling Ceremony.

At the late NBA star Kobe Bryant’s statue unveiling, we discovered two key aspects of his legacy. He is incredibly important to his fans. Vanessa Bryant misses him more than anyone else. Her unveiling speech at Arena was a heartfelt display of pride for her husband. She clearly still mourns his absence deeply.

It’s been four years since the tragic helicopter crash that took the life of the legendary athlete known as «Black Mamba» and his daughter, Gianna. He left behind his wife and another daughter, Natalia. Despite his life being cut short by the accident, this NBA player left a significant impact on the world. Vanessa shared that Kobe Bryant’s legacy is being honored with a statue outside Arena. She excitedly shared that two more are on the way, each with their own unique significance.

Vanessa Bryant announced that Kobe will be honored with three statues in front of the arena known as ‘The House That Kobe Built’ due to his immense popularity among fans worldwide and in Los Angeles. «One with our beautiful daughter Gianna, one wearing the number eight, and one wearing the number 24.»

It’s no coincidence that Kobe Bryant’s statue was revealed on Thursday, Feb 8.
Two important numbers in Kobe Bryant’s career, 8 and 24, will be highlighted in his upcoming statues. According to ESPN, the date Feb 8, 2024, was selected for the unveiling of the first piece.

Vanessa Bryant moved the audience with her emotional final comments, particularly when she shared a quote from her late spouse.

“‘Leave the game better than when you found it, and when it comes time for you to leave, leave a legend,’” she quoted, adding, “And that, he did.”

Even though Kobe Bryant has passed away, his legacy lives on through his story, wise words, and now, statues.


Vanessa Bryant announces that Kobe will have three statues outside the House that Kobe Built. Via @lakers

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Vanessa Bryant unveils 1 of 3 Kobe statues outside of "The House that Kobe Built" 💜💛 via @NBATV/X

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