Video of 5 Men Rocking the House with Their Cover of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ | WATCH

Many people link «The Lion Sleeps Tonight» with Disney’s «The Lion King,» yet its origins go back further. Delving into the origins of this popular song takes us back to the 1930s with Solomon Linda’s «Mbube,» which later inspired a 1960s pop hit by the Tokens. Upon the movie’s debut, legal conflicts emerged, yet the song endures as a favorite, with numerous artists offering their own renditions. Quorum, a renowned Lithuanian a cappella group, is celebrated for their impeccable vocal harmonies.

Quorum is the pride of Lithuania, being the country’s sole professional male a cappella group since 2005. The group is made up of incredibly talented members who bring their unique skills to the table. Whether you discovered the song in the ’60s, ’90s, or through the 2019 remake, Quorum’s version is bound to captivate you.

This fascinating journey of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” reveals how music can transcend time and boundaries, bringing joy to people of all ages.

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