Jo Dee Messina Melts Hearts Singing ‘Heaven Was Needing A Hero’ at National Memorial Day Concert

Jo Dee Messina’s moving performance took place at the National Memorial Day Concert in Washington, D.C., a long-standing tradition that began in 1989. The event showcased a variety of musical guests, actors, and well-known personalities such as Trace Adkins, Megan Hilty, Joe Mantegna, Mary McCormack, and Gary Sinise, to name a few.

Jo Dee delivered a heartfelt performance of “Heaven Was Needing A Hero,” a beautiful track from her 2010 album, Unmistakable Inspiration. After the first female American soldier in the Iraqi War passed away, she penned this touching ballad. Ever since, the song has been played in honor of numerous soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in war.

While singing in her black and silver outfit, she exuded elegance, respect, and somberness, paying tribute to America’s military heroes. Accompanied by film clips and photographs, her performance beautifully conveyed stories of loss, grief, service, and sacrifice. The heartbreaking scenes depicted caskets being solemnly placed into hearses, tombstones bearing the birth dates of those who left this world too soon, distraught children and spouses, and American flags being carefully folded and presented to grieving parents or laid over a fallen hero’s grave.

In John 15:13 (NIV), the Bible emphasizes the ultimate act of love: sacrificing one’s life for friends. On Memorial Day, we honor the soldiers who demonstrated the ultimate form of love, much like our Savior, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed His life for all of humanity.

Watching the video, it was evident that the audience was deeply touched by Jo Dee’s lyrics and the emotions they evoked. The screen was filled with powerful images of soldiers from past generations, survivors paying tribute on battlefields and beaches, and elderly veterans weeping for their long-lost brothers. A touching moment was captured as a veteran kissed a war memorial, while another gently ran their hand over a wall of names, highlighting the special connections forged among soldiers.

Jo Dee has overcome challenges, such as a cancer diagnosis in 2017 and the treatment that followed. One noticeable detail is the tattoo on her right arm, featuring a scripture reference, Psalms 3:16, with a perpendicular line creating a cross. She recently recounted a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ on her front porch, emphasizing the significance of faith in navigating life’s obstacles.

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