Viral Video: Jersey Mike’s Employee Garners Applause After Turning Away an Aggressive Customer Over a Sandwich.

Dealing with customers definitely demands a high level of patience. When dining out, there are customers who appreciate simplicity when ordering, while others seem to enjoy making things more complicated. One Jersey Mike’s employee recently faced a challenging situation when dealing with a rude and difficult customer. Sarah Conner, a TikTok content creator from Texas, recently shared a video showcasing contentious encounters between customers and store employees. The video received more than 12 million views as people came together to support the Jersey Mike’s employee for their excellent response.

As the video begins, the customer can be heard raising their voice towards the store employee, expressing their desire for a simple chicken sandwich. Nevertheless, the employees made an effort to stay composed and politely explained that they were unable to fulfill the customer’s specific request. After some consideration, the customer decided on a classic chicken sandwich, but made sure to request peppers and onions as toppings. According to a former Jersey Mike’s employee named @jakerou113, the sub sandwich chain enforces rules preventing employees from adding certain items to sandwiches on the menu to avoid cross-contamination. One of the restaurant workers, @elchidochidoo, shared that customers ordering extra items off the menu without paying for them was completely unreasonable.

Despite the restaurant employee’s patient explanation, the customer remained stubborn. In the end, the employee politely requested the customer to exit the premises. The customer’s behavior was quite confrontational as they adamantly stood their ground. Immediately, the employee declined to assist the customer and stated, «You seem to think I’m stupid, so I must ask you to leave.» Despite numerous requests for her to leave, the customer remained in place, debating the lack of service. «It is within my rights to deny service to anyone.» The employee mentioned that it was stated in their handbook.

After a heated exchange, the customer proceeded to threaten the employee, mentioning that she planned to report them. After being asked for a dish that was not on the menu, the restaurant worker politely explained that it was not possible and continued with their tasks. Instead of involving law enforcement, the employee chose not to call the police on the difficult customer. However, the customer appeared confrontational and even mentioned legal action against the restaurant for alleged mistreatment. With no intention of further dialogue, the employee responded, «Okay.» With a respectful tone, they maintained their composure until the very end.

@sarah_conner1 employee at jersey mikes refused to serve customer after she was being rude over a sandwich that couldn't be made and then threatened to sue the store #jerseymikes #rudecustomer #chickensandwich #publicfreakouts ♬ original sound — 🩷SarahConner🩷

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