Donny Osmond Shares His Favorite Duet with the Late Olivia Newton-John

Following the passing of the legendary Australian-born star at 73, Donny shared his thoughts online. He stumbled upon some vintage footage of himself and Olivia singing together. Excitedly, he shared it online along with a heartfelt caption, reminiscing about the joy they experienced during The Donny and Marie Show. «I can only imagine how wonderful heaven is now that this beautiful angel is there. Dear Olivia, you mean the world to me. I truly love you.»

Donny shared a heartfelt tribute that gained widespread attention, garnering nearly 100,000 views in a short period. This video is likely to keep trending as this heartwarming memory is truly priceless.

Olivia bravely fought breast cancer, and now we believe she is walking in a healed body alongside Jesus. The memories she left behind have provided comfort to fans, family, and friends, including Donny. In this duet, Olivia looks stunning in a white shirt and white leggings as she sings one of our favorite songs, “You’re The One That I Want,” from the movie Grease. Donny had to step up his game and he did just that by looking sharp in a white suit and pants.

While I have a soft spot for the original with John Travolta, I must admit that Donny was a strong contender. His face lit up with joy as he sang the song with Olivia. They not only sang together but also choreographed a few dance moves, such as hip bumps and Olivia pulling him along the stage by his tie. What adds a special touch to this tribute is the photo Donny posted after the song concludes, showing the strong bond between them.

Such a heartfelt way to bid farewell to a friend, with the comforting thought of a future reunion in God’s kingdom.

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