A Soldier Immediately Stops Ordering His Taco Bell Meal After Overhearing a Heartbreaking Dialogue Between Two Boys. What He Does Next Will Surprise You!

Thousands of people dine at Taco Bell every day, making it the fourth most popular fast food business in the nation, according to QSR Magazine.

One of the customers is an Army Ranger, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rizden.

When he saw the boys, he knew they were cold and hungry.
While walking up to them, he asked what they were doing and if they had eaten dinner yet that day.

Not only did the boys explain what they were doing, but they also confirmed that they had not yet eaten.

When Rizden discovered he had no money to offer the boys, he asked if there was any other way he could still be of assistance. Leading the two to the front of the restaurant, he gave them the go-ahead to buy whatever off the menu and promised to pay the money.

At first, the boys looked shocked, but they quickly figured out what they wanted and placed their orders. 
The two looked absolutely thrilled to be invited to dinner, and their smiles confirmed it. 
The younger boy danced and smiled while his older friend talked to Rizden.

When another customer saw what was happening, he made the decision to record the event in order to demonstrate how kind Rizden was.

When asked why he had chosen to help the boys, Rizden said it was because he had remembered the promise he made when he joined the Rangers.
‘Never shall I fail my comrades’. It was Rizden’s responsibility to assist these two young men, these two Americans, in their time of need.

Furthermore, his thoughtful deed had an effect on more people than simply the boys he assisted and the other Taco Bell customers.

The video showcasing Rizden’s generosity has garnered almost 40,000 likes and over a million views.
Someone comments, «Now that’s a patriot! A REAL PATRIOT!»

‘A hero to his country and a man of infinite kindness too. A credit to his uniform and an inspiration to these kids and many others,» another one wrote.

While Lt. Col. Rizden is a soldier, he is first and foremost a father.
Rizden had two young children of his own and knew how scary it could be to ask people to buy something to raise money. But these boys were working hard.

He wanted to do something good for these youngsters because he saw their desire and realized they represented his nation’s future.

And these young men will always carry his actions in their hearts and thoughts.

«When I grow up, I want to be just like you,» the kid stated, giving the soldier a salute.

It may have been as simple as buying some food, but everyone who took part or saw what happened that day felt very proud to be an American.

Watch the Lieutenant Colonel’s thoughtful deed by clicking on the video link below.

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