Skinny, Hairless Stray Dog Shocks Everyone When Her Fur Starts to Grow — ‘After’ Recovery Photos

Getting a dog is a lifelong commitment that some people fail to understand.

While wandering the streets, Mrs. Greg the dog was found in a pitiful state, all alone and without a home. Luckily, an animal control officer came across her, and that’s when her amazing adventure started.

Things could have taken a turn for the worse for Mrs. Greg. Upon her arrival at the new shelter, the poor puppy faced a difficult time adjusting and struggled to cope with her new environment.

Mrs. Greg was quickly transferred to Austin Pets Alive! due to the shelter’s limited resources. Established in 1997, their goal is to ensure that every shelter animal, both in Central Texas and beyond, receives a genuine opportunity for the life they deserve.

Upon her arrival at Austin Pets Alive, it was revealed that Mrs. Greg was suffering from severe sarcoptic mange. Additionally, she was diagnosed with parvovirus. Canine parvovirus (CPV) is a highly contagious viral disease that affects dogs and can lead to severe gastrointestinal problems. When dogs contract this illness, particularly those that are already underweight and unwell, the situation can quickly deteriorate.

Despite the grim prognosis, Mrs. Greg would go on to show incredible strength and resilience.

It was the mange that caused the most issues for the unfortunate dog. It was quite a journey for Mrs. Greg to recover, with a period where it appeared her fur might never return. The staff at Austin Pets Alive recognized the significant issue at hand, which posed a threat to Mrs. Greg’s well-being and could potentially hinder future adoption prospects.

Luckily, Olivia stepped in to help. She was determined to adopt Mrs. Greg at all costs and decided to give the dog a new name, Winnie.

Olivia lovingly cared for Winnie as if she were her own child, going above and beyond to ensure the sweet little dog’s comfort.

Olivia shared the inspiring story of how the dog overcame parvo and mange while in the shelter, and the journey to recovery after being adopted. Throughout her health struggles, she remained resilient and cheerful, showing a true fighting spirit.

Olivia’s decision to bring Winnie into her home was met with uncertainty about whether her fur would ever grow back. She and Winnie seemed to have accepted the fact that Winnie would stay a hairless dog.

However, as Winnie experienced overwhelming love and security, a change occurred in her fur. It began to thicken and strengthen over time. It turned out to be a significant experience for the both of them.

«I’m amazed by how much fur she has now,» Olivia exclaimed. «I can’t believe how much more she keeps getting!»

We’ve witnessed numerous instances of dogs being restored to their former selves thanks to the compassion of kind people.

This is truly a delightful sight — Winnie looks absolutely stunning with all that fur! Today, it’s clear that she’s a much happier and healthier dog, so we’re hopeful that Olivia and Winnie will enjoy many great years together!

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