This Courageous Dog Is A True Hero! It’s Done Something That Even Many People Fail to Do!

Who could forget the timeless TV series Lassie, featuring a brave collie always ready to spring into action, such as when Timmy found himself trapped in a well.

However, the show was not unrealistic at all. There have been numerous accounts of real-life heroes like Lassie who have come to the rescue by alerting others and getting immediate assistance for those in trouble.

Just the other day, a heartwarming story unfolded involving a heroic dog named Whimsy who rescued his companion Pickles from icy waters.

Friday morning brought a harrowing incident when Pickles fell through the ice on St. George Lake in Liberty, Maine, and found himself trapped in the icy waters. One of the other dogs, named Whimsy, did not fall through the ice but stayed by his friends’ side.

Whimsy’s urgent barks for help caught the attention of Liberty Fire and Rescue, who wasted no time in responding to the situation.

As per a recent update on Facebook, the fire crew made use of a rescue live sled, which was generously provided by the Montville Fire Department, their mutual aid town. A heartwarming video captures the rescuers bringing Pickles back from the lake, ensuring the freezing dog’s safe return to dry land.

Even after Pickles was rescued from the icy water, Whimsy remained faithfully by his side.

«We used hot packs and blankets to warm him up, but Whimsy refused to leave his side,» shared Paramedic Corey Bonnevie in an interview with FOX 23 Maine. Whimsy truly shines as the hero of the story. It remained by its friend’s side until he was rescued. I think that’s a pretty noble thing.”

After the rescue, both dogs were safely reunited with their families, each wearing their collars.

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