‘The Voice’ Coaches Reba McEntire and John Legend Fight For A Talented Singer Ronnie Wilson

Ronnie Wilson found himself in the middle of a heated battle between Reba McEntire and John Legend during night 5 of The Voice blind auditions. Reba, determined to win him over, turned to pulling out all the stops, including reaching out to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

The 28-year-old from South Carolina completely captivated the audience as soon as he began singing Zayn’s Pillowtalk. After showcasing his impressive vocal range, Reba and John eagerly turned their chairs to express their interest.

After Ronnie’s incredible performance, Dan + Shay couldn’t help but give him a standing ovation and shower him with praise for his exceptional talents. When questioned about his profession, Ronnie confessed that singing is not his primary source of income. Actually, he works as an accountant.

With a few accounting jokes exchanged, John and Reba wasted no time diving into their pitches. Both of them were eager to have Ronnie on their teams for The Voice, and they were determined to do whatever it took. Reba made sure to mention that she has a close friendship with Keith and Nicole.

With a mischievous smile Reba casually whipped out her phone and put on a show of dialing the power couple’s number, all in good fun to show off her impressive connections.

«Nicole, could you please connect me with Keith?» She said. «Hey there, Keith! How are you doing?» Hey, we’re currently at The Voice! If you had the opportunity to be a contestant on the show, which coach would you prefer to have guiding you? Me? Nicole said her too?”

Ronnie, who openly draws inspiration from country music, chuckled—but his attempt fell flat. He ultimately chose John Legend, who could provide him with guidance in the realm of soul and gospel music.

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