An Airline Employee Performs ‘You Raise Me Up’ for A Grieving Mother While in Flight

This airport worker sang a beautiful version of «You Raise Me Up» over the intercom when he heard that there was a mother who was grieving the death of her son on the trip.

This song is truly remarkable and has become a symbol of our generation. This song has gained popularity thanks to the incredible rendition by opera voice Josh Groban, and it has been covered by numerous artists throughout the years.
Today, we’re experiencing the song in a completely different manner. During a Southwest flight, a mother found herself overcome with grief over the loss of her son. Her son tragically lost his life while serving as a state trooper.

That’s when this airline employee chose to provide her with exceptional comfort. He enthusiastically sang the powerful words of ‘You Raise Me Up’ over the loud speaker for the entire flight to hear.
When this airline worker took to the intercom, all the passengers on the flight were captivated.

Now, all the passengers could show their love and support for this mother during her time of need. This man is truly an inspiration to others. Do you share the same opinion?

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