Ex-Mississippi Prison Guard Loses Her Job for Taking Care of an Inmate’s Baby. What She Says About It Is Truly Phenomenal

In the charming city of Vicksburg, Mississippi— Roberta Bell, 58, is not only a mother of five and grandmother of her eight grandkids, but she is also regarded as a hero by many. This year, her life took a sudden turn that showed everyone how powerful kindness and courage can be.

Roberta had the opportunity to work alongside Katie Bourgeois, an expectant inmate who was nearing the completion of her sentence, during her time as a correctional officer at the Louisiana Transitional Center for Women. When Katie gave birth, she found herself without any family to help care for her newborn. Roberta readily stepped in, offering to look after the baby until Katie was able to come home.

Unfortunately, her choice had consequences. Roberta’s supervisor at the prison viewed this situation as a conflict of interest, resulting in her termination from the job. However, for Roberta, it was a minor sacrifice. Katie’s son Kayson was born less than a week after she was fired. Roberta eagerly awaited his arrival at the hospital. She carefully dressed him, rocked him in her arms, and brought him home, showering him with love as if he were her own.

Roberta spent two months looking after Kayson until Katie was finally able to come and take her son back. Roberta felt a mix of emotions as she said goodbye to the baby she had grown so fond of. Roberta’s inspiring story of kindness resonated with people across the globe, despite the obstacles she faced.

Gifts from people all over poured in — diapers, baby formula, and more. Her living room was filled with an abundance of warmth and generosity from strangers. What’s even more incredible is that the donations flooded in, reaching a staggering total of $90,000. Roberta, who had found herself in a new job sorting cans after losing her previous position, generously used some of her earnings to assist another pregnant inmate who was in need.

Roberta’s journey continued beyond that point. She has found a new project that she is incredibly passionate about: the Serenity House. This charming home, nestled in the serene countryside of Mississippi, is currently undergoing a heartfelt transformation. It is being lovingly renovated to serve as a sanctuary for women who are embarking on a new chapter in their lives after leaving prison. In the same way that Roberta loved working at the jail, she wants to make a place where these women can find support and guidance.

Roberta’s phone constantly buzzes with calls from women seeking her assistance, and she eagerly picks up each one. This story exemplifies the profound influence that an individual can have, fueled by love, empathy, and an unwavering faith in second chances.

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