Princess Diana’s Sibling Revealed Rare Images of Her as a Baby & the Resemblance To Their Mother Is Remarkable

Princess Diana’s life has been a constant subject of discussion since she first stepped into the spotlight during her relationship with Prince Charles many years ago. Ever since her passing, people have been endlessly analyzing Princess Diana’s personal life, but surprisingly, her bond with her family, especially her siblings, often goes unnoticed.

On July 1, 1961, the princess came into the world at Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk. Her parents, John and Frances Spencer, held the titles of Viscount and Viscountess of the family estate Althorp. Diana has two older sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Jane Fellowes, and a younger brother named Charles. Prior to Diana’s birth, her older brother John tragically passed away.

John and Frances ended their marriage when Princess Diana was just 7 years old. In 1975, John Spencer became the Earl Spencer, which led to Diana being referred to as Lady Diana until her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981, when she officially became a princess.

Diana’s educational journey took a turn at the age of 9 when she embarked on a new chapter by enrolling in a boarding school. According to her, her childhood was marked by unhappiness and instability, which was confirmed by her brother Charles during an interview with the Times in 2020. Diana and her younger brother shared a strong bond due to their close age. As she grew older, she also developed a closer relationship with her sisters, despite facing some challenges along the way. Sarah had a six-year advantage over her, while Jane held a four-year seniority. Charles, the youngest of the siblings, is three years younger than Diana.

As Charles commemorated his late mother Frances’ 88th birthday, he graciously shared a heartfelt collection of mementos that held deep emotional meaning. Among these cherished items was a poignant photograph of his beloved sister, Diana, which sparked conversations among devoted fans of the late royal.

Following Diana’s heartbreaking passing in Paris in 1997, Sarah and her sister Jane made the journey to France to retrieve her remains. Sarah delivered a heartfelt poem during her sister’s funeral and took on the responsibility of being a co-executor for her will. Also, she was president of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. However, the fund was shut down in 2012 after being the subject of many complaints and scandals.

Following Diana’s tragic death, Sarah grieved for her sister, just like people all around the globe. In the BBC documentary «Diana: 7 Days,» she shared her account:

«It seemed as though shock was the only emotion I experienced. Just love and shock,» she shared.

During the documentary, Sarah opened up about a lingering thought that had haunted her ever since her sister passed away.

“She was religious in putting on her seatbelt. Why didn’t she wear it that night? I’ll never know.»

Ever since the heartbreaking event, Sarah has maintained a strong bond with Diana’s sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. She was present at both William’s marriage to Kate Middleton in 2011 and Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018. In July 2019, she had the opportunity to attend the christening of Harry and Meghan’s son Archie.

In previous discussions, Charles has shared numerous insights about his elder sister, Diana. In a recent interview on «Good Morning Britain,» Charles fondly reminisced about the day his sister came into the world, as reported by People Magazine.

«I remember my father always used to talk about the day Diana was born, 1st July 1961, and it was a sweltering hot day and this wonderful daughter appeared.»

He proceeded to vividly recount the emotions he experienced when his cherished older sister reached the milestone of turning 60.

«It’s quite amusing to find myself at a point in life where my sister is now in her sixties. Today will be a day filled with emotions, as we come together to pay tribute to a sister and mother who is deeply missed and dearly loved.»

Charles paid tribute to his sister by sharing a nostalgic photo of her on Instagram to mark her 60th birthday in 2021.

Sharing on the Althorp House Instagram account, Charles’s heartfelt birthday tribute to his older sister Diana, Princess of Wales resonated with many. In the photo, Diana stood proudly in front of a grand house adorned with ivy. The young girl appeared absolutely adorable in her white sweater, dark skirt, white knee-high socks, and loafers. With her hair styled in pigtails, she gazed directly into the camera, her smile subtle yet captivating. Charles provided a caption for the image:

«Today marks the 60th birthday of Diana, Princess of Wales. 1 July 1961 was an exceptionally hot English summer’s day, Diana’s parents always remembered.»

He proceeded to provide additional details about the house in the background, coincidentally the very place where Diana was born:

She came into the world at Park House, nestled on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. In this family photograph captured by Diana’s father, the 8th Earl Spencer, Park House can be seen in the background.

In a candid interview with People Magazine in 2018, Charles opened up about the heartbreaking moment he received the devastating news of his sister’s passing. As he sat on a plane from London to Cape Town, tears streamed down his face, overwhelmed by grief. Fortunately, a stewardess provided him with solace as he summoned the bravery and resilience required to cope with the aftermath of his sister’s death.

«The first thing that needed to be done was to find somebody to write and deliver the eulogy,” he told the publication. Charles faced a difficult task in finding someone to write the eulogy. In the end, he decided that he was the best person to write and deliver the eulogy for Diana.

«I had this unsettling sensation that I would be the one who had to take charge,» he reminisced. Charles claims that although he attempted to put off writing for a few days, everything came out «naturally» once he got started.

Charles’ eulogy for Diana sparked controversy, with many interpreting it as a critique of how the royal family had treated his sister.

People still love Diana in 2024, and a lot of them wonder what might have happened if she were still alive. Once again, Charles took to Instagram to honor the memory of his sister and their mother, Frances.

«On what would have been her 88th birthday, I am filled with love and gratitude as I remember my mother,» he wrote in the post.

The photo captured a heartfelt collage of memories, showcasing newspaper clippings and photographs that depicted the loving bond between his mother and sister. In one snapshot, his mother tenderly held Diana as a baby, while another freeze-framed a playful moment of a young Diana playing on the family lawn.

Many fans noticed the striking resemblances between Diana, her mother, and even Princess Charlotte.

«Wow, Diana bears a striking resemblance to her mother, and it’s clear that Charlotte shares some similarities as well,» a fan observed. Someone else commented: «She was incredibly stunning. Diana resembled her so much.

«Wow, what a stunning resemblance! It’s incredible how much Princess Diana resembles her,» commented one person, while another couldn’t help but gush over the adorable baby Diana: «Oh my goodness, baby Diana is just too precious!»

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