Entertaining and Truly an American Treasure — Exploring Life’s Rich Tapestry via the Saturday Evening Post

An Endless Adventure through the World of Words
Ah, the Saturday Evening Post, a wonderful showcase of timeless storytelling! Let me take you on a journey to the vibrant streets of Philadelphia, where our story unfolds in a bustling print shop with a rich history rooted in the legacy of Benjamin Franklin. Samuel Atkinson, the enthusiastic owner of the shop, established the Saturday Evening Post with a modest 200 subscribers in 1821. Just picture the excitement of those Saturday mornings, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Post with the second mail delivery, a tradition that lasted all the way into the 1950s.

A Journey through the Shifting Sands of Time
Throughout history, the Post has been a constant witness to significant events such as the building of the transcontinental railroad, the gold rush, and the settling of the western territories. Its presence has allowed it to document the ever-changing nature of life. Countless stories about this cherished publication are a testament to its profound influence on the community. With its thick writing, The Post was a picture of how quickly American society changed. Keep in mind, during this era, it was the reader’s responsibility to envision the developing narratives, showcasing the power of our vivid imagination.

Transition and Triumph
In 1897, Cyrus Curtis, an innovative publisher, acquired the Post for a modest sum of one thousand dollars. During his time as editor, the Post flourished, embracing its first full cover illustration in 1899. However, this decision initially resulted in a decline in subscribers. However, Curtis had unwavering faith in the magazine’s ability to bring about change. His risk was rewarded, as subscriptions skyrocketed to over a million by 1908. Thoughtfully selected advertisements played a crucial role in fueling the growth of the Post, aligning perfectly with its sincere and virtuous values.

The Post’s Artistic Legacy
Ah, the artists! They truly captivate our hearts and minds with their incredible talent and creativity. The Post introduced us to a group of incredibly talented illustrators who quickly became beloved figures in their field. It served as a canvas for renowned artists such as Andrew Wyeth, JC Liondecker, and George Hughes. And who could possibly overlook the incredible talent of Norman Rockwell? His captivating portrayals of ordinary moments, ranging from joyful summer activities to cherished family vacations, came to define the spirit of the Saturday Evening Post. His work struck a chord, propelling the Post to almost 7 million subscribers by 1960 because the covers he created depicted a vibrant portrayal of life that resonated with all of us.

A Phoenix Rising
Even as the Post’s popularity declined, its unwavering spirit endured. In 1969, Bert Cervas stepped in and saved the Post from bankruptcy, giving it a fresh start. Today, under the ownership of the Benjamin Franklin Literary Society, the Post carries on its tradition of celebrating life through captivating stories, serving as a timeless reminder of our shared heritage and the wonders of our collective journey.

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