Convict Becomes Unlikely Hero: ‘OMG! Is That A Baby On The Highway?’

Imagine the astonishment that overcame a Georgia mechanic as he witnessed a baby crawling dangerously close to a busy highway.

Bryant Collins was going down Highway 72 when he saw a baby getting closer to the road. Without hesitation, he quickly applied pressure to his brakes.

When he stopped, he saw that the big thing near the middle of the road was a baby. «I initially couldn’t believe it was a baby,» Collins expressed.

«How on earth could there be a baby out here in the middle of nowhere? Luckily, no one was behind me because this is one of the busiest roads in the area, if not the busiest. I was thinking about that while my foot was stomping on the brake. Thankfully, there wasn’t a single car in sight, thanks to divine intervention.»

Collins was astonished to witness a 15-month-old baby wandering the highway alone. Without hesitation, he dialed 911 and quickly relayed the details of the incident. As he and the baby patiently waited for two hours while the police looked into the situation, he decided to soothe her by playing some comforting worship music when she became anxious and started crying.

«The baby began to cry. After switching on my phone, I decided to play some Gospel music for the baby, and to my delight, she immediately calmed down,» he shared. «Listening to gospel music has a calming effect on me.» They bonded over the two-hour wait and the baby became comfortable in his presence. «She looked at me like she knew me,» Collins said.

According to the police, the baby managed to crawl an impressive distance from her home, making her way through the woods and onto the highway. Emergency crews swiftly arrived at the scene, leading to the immediate arrest of her father.

Sheriff Kip Thomas expressed astonishment at the incredible journey of a 15-month-old who managed to wander far from her home, navigate through the woods, stumble down an embankment, and end up near a busy highway without sustaining serious injuries.

Collins, despite his criminal past, was hailed as a ‘hero’ today for his courageous and life-saving actions. After spending a decade in a federal institution for manufacturing cocaine, he made a firm decision to transform his life. During his time in prison, he expressed a determination to not return home in the same manner as when he first arrived behind bars.

And he accomplished exactly that. Now, he has successfully maintained his sobriety for five years and has found employment as a  car mechanic. In response to being hailed as a hero for his actions, Collins humbly stated that he had simply done what he believed was right, without considering it to be anything out of the ordinary.

He said it felt good to be forgiven for his mistakes by doing something good. «It was a heartwarming experience to be able to contribute positively to society,» he said with a smile. «You have the ability to do both good and bad.»

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