Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye’s Son Paris Looks Identical to His James Bond Dad in Striking New Photo

Piercea Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith encourage their sons Dylan and Paris to develop into people who can think independently and carve out their own unique paths. And interestingly enough, they’re following in their parents’ footsteps.

Dylan, 27, and Paris, 23, are exploring their creative passions, just like Pierce, 70, and Keely, 60. Both of them have explored various creative pursuits, including acting, modeling, and filmmaking. The younger Paris, in particular, seems to have inherited his father’s passion.

The 23-year-old is a passionate painter and versatile artist, who has recently collaborated on projects showcasing his artwork on footwear and accessories. He also had the opportunity to model for a Paul and Shark campaign alongside Pierce.

He excitedly shared on social media that he was selected as one of the artists to contribute to Bulgari Studio’s collective. He couldn’t contain his joy as he posted the thrilling news on his Instagram, along with a captivating picture taken in his vibrant studio.

Paris was surrounded by his own paintings, showcasing his graphic, abstract, and colorful style reminiscent of his dad’s. He exuded a glowing presence that would make Pierce’s James Bond proud.

«I had the amazing opportunity to express myself through painting and creation at Bulgari Studio, where we celebrated artists and creatives who truly embody Bulgari’s dedication to art and design,» he wrote in the caption of his post, receiving an outpouring of praise from fans and friends.

«I’m so proud of you, brother,» one person commented, while another expressed, «Witnessing the creation of art is truly magical,» and a third chimed in, «I absolutely love seeing you create, my brother!»

During a recent interview with Sketch Yourself for Golden Goose, Paris discussed his journey into the art world and acknowledged the significant impact his father had on his artistic development.

Pierce and Keely’s sons are continuing their parents’ legacy.
«Art has always been a constant presence in my life,» he shared. «Art has always captivated me, from observing my father’s painting sessions to creating artwork alongside my brother. Visiting museums and flipping through art books have also been sources of inspiration for me. What fascinates me about art is its ability to allow one to express their emotions and convey messages that may be difficult to put into words.»

He added, «I find my biggest source of inspiration in my dad, as I grew up watching him paint.» It was fascinating to witness his dedication as he would spend hours in the studio, completely absorbed in his work.

Paris and Pierce have recently exhibited their art in galleries. Pierce, known for his role in Remington Steele, held his first painting exhibition titled «So Many Dreams» in Los Angeles last May.

In an interview with Vanity Fair during the exhibition’s opening night, he shared, «I’ve been painting since ’87 and I find it incredibly therapeutic…»Painting has been instrumental in guiding me through life. Whenever I experience a sense of anxiety, I find comfort in expressing myself on the canvas. It fills me with a sense of comfort and pure joy.

He attributed the beginning of his artistic journey to his wife Keely, acknowledging her role in encouraging him. Reflecting on his initial reluctance to share his paintings with the world, he mentioned how Keely documented his work and suggested the idea of organizing an exhibition. She has a strong hand in the work, in the celebration of the work and the love that she has for the work is above anything else.

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