Restaurant Owner Travels Six Hours To Fulfill Woman’s Last Wish

There was a heartwarming story about a woman with a seemingly impossible dying wish, which was fulfilled by a compassionate restaurant owner in the Outer Banks (OBX). After more than three years, Heather Bowers was succumbing to the battle against stage four cancer. After enduring numerous chemotherapy treatments, her body had been greatly affected, and she had come to accept the unfortunate reality that her chances of survival were slim. However, she had one last favor to ask: a delicious meal from one of her beloved restaurants, Mama Kwans.

Regrettably, this restaurant in OBX was located a six-hour drive away. Mary Simmons, Heather’s closest friend, was determined to fulfill this heartfelt final desire. With a glimmer of hope, she dialed Mama Kwans and carefully detailed the situation. She was completely taken aback by their response. Kevin Cherry, the owner, took it upon himself to personally handle the delivery!

«I knew it was a long shot,» Mary Simmons shared with WAVY-TV. «She gives me a call around five o’clock and excitedly tells me that Kevin has already packed everything up, he’s in the car, and he’s on his way there.»

WHNT reported that Heather sadly passed away the night after her final wish was fulfilled. Her best friend is incredibly thankful for the kindness shown by the OBX restaurant owner, who went the extra mile to fulfill the woman’s last wish. But Kevin’s acts of kindness for the cancer patient didn’t stop there. Following her passing, he made a heartfelt commitment to contribute $1,000 to the hospice care center that had provided exceptional comfort and support to the woman in her final days.

Not everyone would be willing to embark on a six-hour journey to fulfill a dying wish, but Kevin Cherry didn’t hesitate. His selfless act of kindness is truly inspiring and serves as a valuable lesson for all of us.

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