A Teenage Schoolboy Nails ‘The Sound of Silence’ with His Deep Voice at School Talent Concert

In 2016, a 16-year-old student named Ruben Liversage captivated the audience at his school concert with an unforgettable performance.

The teenager’s mesmerizing rendition of the Simon And Garfunkel classic «Sound of Silence» captivated the entire audience.

Countless artists from around the globe have taken on this iconic song. A heavy metal band called Disturbed delivered a unique cover of the song. The band had the incredible opportunity to showcase their song on the Conan O’Brien show. According to Forbes, the performance on the late-night program received over 145 million views and even impressed Simon himself.

In a remarkable twist, 16-year-old Ruben Liversage delivered a performance of the song that rivaled even the acclaimed Disturbed cover, infusing it with his own unique flair. It’s truly remarkable how effortlessly Liversage manages to match the incredible vocal talents of Disturbed’s lead singer, David Draiman.

When you listen to Liversage’s vocal range and his undeniable ability to hit every note, it’s truly remarkable to think that he’s just a teenager. When you witness this captivating performance by Liversage, it becomes evident that greatness is in store.

Immerse yourself in this performance by watching the accompanying video. Once you’ve witnessed Liversage’s captivating performance, be sure to spread the word and help others to experience it too.

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