Amazing Performance by 7-Year-Old: ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’. A Record-Breaking Blind Audition Takes the Internet by Storm

Shaney-Lee Pool, a remarkable 7-year-old, mesmerized viewers with his touching performance of «Take Me Home, Country Roads» on The Voice Kids. His performance quickly became a viral sensation, accumulating a staggering 64 million views. The young boy from Bristol mesmerized everyone with his singing of the famous John Denver song, showing off his amazing singing skills.

Shaney-Lee’s performance left Pixie Lott completely amazed, prompting her to turn her chair in admiration. I am in awe of the immense passion this young singer possesses for country music. It is truly remarkable. And what makes it even more ideal is that he resides on a farm near the Bristol Airport! Can you believe it? He has a delightful collection of adorable animals, including his beloved Shetland pony named Bobby Brown. Interestingly, he even took Bobby Brown for a ride to the studio. That is so awesome!

In his audition interview, Shaney-Lee shared his passion for country and Western music, recalling the unforgettable experience of attending a live performance by the iconic Kenny Rogers two years ago. It’s clear that music runs deep in his blood, as he shared: «I love immersing myself in music through the radio, at my nan’s house, and on YouTube.» Shaney-Lee’s parents, Shane and Tamara, couldn’t be more proud of him. Shane is incredibly proud of Shaney-Lee’s singing talent. Wherever they go and whoever they meet, people always ask Shaney-Lee to sing.

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