I’m desperate because my son is having affairs with other women and my daughter-in-law is seven months pregnant. I love my DIL and have decided to…

A 63-year-old woman has reached out to us, sharing a deeply personal and painful life story. The woman is deeply concerned about the situation with her pregnant daughter-in-law and her own son, who has been unfaithful to his wife and has been involved with multiple women. He confided in his mom and entrusted her with this difficult secret, leaving the woman feeling torn and unsure of how to proceed.

The woman shared her captivating story hoping that you would share your perspective on this issue with her.

A woman, aged 63, who chose to remain anonymous, recently penned a letter to our editorial team. She simply requested that we publish her letter and gather the perspectives of others regarding her intricate life circumstances.

The woman eagerly opened her letter, beginning with a cheerful greeting, «Hello, I’m in desperate need of advice and assistance regarding my extremely difficult situation. I feel lost and uncertain about how to navigate this current situation in my life.

The woman shared, «My son, who is now 30, has been happily married to his high-school sweetheart, Olivia, for a wonderful 5 years. A couple of weeks ago, my son celebrated his birthday. He embarked on a journey to another state, accompanied by his college friends, to indulge in the luxuries of a beautiful resort. My daughter-in-law Olivia made the decision to stay in-state due to her high-risk pregnancy with twins. She is currently in her seventh month.
I strongly urged my son to reconsider and stay with his wife, but Olivia was adamant about them going out and having a good time. So, I convinced her to spend the night with me so she could relax in bed, and after some persuasion, she finally agreed to my proposal.”

The MIL and DIL have an amazing relationship.

The woman goes on to share, «Now, I absolutely adore my DIL Olivia. She is incredibly kind, considerate, and she’s become like family to me. Her parents were not very supportive, so we quickly formed a strong bond when she started dating my son. We talk a lot daily and see each other very often.”

The woman was the first to notice that her son was acting strangely. She mentioned that when her son returned from his trip, she could sense that something was amiss. “He was completely uninterested in any treats I offered him, and he even turned down the opportunity to kiss Olivia. He was always offering her awkward hugs and being extremely cautious.
I became increasingly concerned and troubled by his behavior, as I found his treatment of his wife to be quite unsettling. I repeatedly questioned him about his peculiar behavior, but he evaded my questions and ultimately left with Olivia.”

The woman was struck by a painful confession that deeply affected her.

The woman continues her story, sharing, «Then, Olivia would provide me with further details about my son’s peculiar conduct.» He decided to occupy the guest bedroom, completely rejecting her meals and growing distant to the point of avoiding hugs. Every time I tried to discuss it with my son, I would only receive short, uninterested responses or he would completely avoid the subject.

Afterwards, the woman’s son came up to her and revealed something truly surprising. The woman shared, «Lately, my son arrived at my house in a state of distress. He was clutching a folder filled with visibly crumpled papers. Once I was able to soothe his emotions, he confided in me about his infidelity with multiple women before and during his birthday trip with Olivia.
To make matters even more difficult, he received a diagnosis of being HIV-positive. I couldn’t find the words to express how I felt. I asked as to why he chose to disclose his affairs and diagnosis to me instead of his wife, who is currently pregnant with twins. He pleaded with me not to inform her about anything and to allow him to stay with me while he thought about his next steps.”

The woman is feeling incredibly hopeless after her son made the confession.

The woman wrote, «I informed him that if he refused to disclose the truth to his spouse, I would take it upon myself to do so. He became extremely angry, raising his voice and shedding tears. He expressed his frustration, claiming that I was tearing his family apart even before it had a chance to begin. He felt that I was preventing him from enjoying himself and making his own choices in life.

He made the claim that I showed favoritism towards Olivia and had intentions of keeping him away from his children. I had to reach out to my neighbor, who I have a good relationship with, to assist in getting my son out of my house. It was quite peculiar that, once he left I examined the documents he had brought and discovered they were not medical records, but rather bank statements. I’m at a loss for what to do.

I’m feeling uncertain about the entire situation, and I’m really concerned about avoiding any potential harm to others. I can’t help but consider the potential harm this could cause Olivia and her twins if I were to tell her. Perhaps my son is correct in his concerns. I ask for your assistance in finding a solution that will minimize the impact on our beloved family.”

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