My 36-Year-Old Stepdaughter and Her Kids Turned Our Home Upside Down, I Left and Refuse to Return Until…

A lady and her husband welcomed her stepdaughter and her family into their home. However, the relationship between the two women was fraught with tension, and it eventually reached a breaking point when a particular incident occurred, prompting one of them to make the decision to leave. 

A wife shared her family dilemma on Reddit, discussing how she and her husband tied the knot when his daughter Trudi was 22 years old. Trudi is now 36. The Original Poster (OP) has two kids, aged 18 and 20, who are currently pursuing their education at college. When the OP and her husband first met, Trudi’s parents had already been divorced for six years. However, their relationship with her stepdaughter was quite turbulent right from the start. The Redditor understood and didn’t have any expectations for Trudi to like her, since she already had her own mother and was a responsible adult living independently. However, due to unexpected events, the two women found themselves living together.

Trudi and her husband found themselves in a challenging financial situation, which ultimately resulted in them moving in with the OP and her husband. The Reddit user said that they lived in an area with lots of tourists, so she didn’t want to get rid of her old apartment, so she rented it out for short periods of time. They agreed that Trudi could move into the empty apartment after the holidays because she and her family needed help. «They would sign a lease, and we would allow them to occupy the property without collecting rent, enabling them to establish a rental history and save money,» explained the OP in a detailed account. Living with Trudi proved to be a less than ideal experience for the OP. She didn’t like that she didn’t clean up after her kids or herself.

The Redditor noticed how Trudi’s husband dedicated himself to maintaining a clean house, even when he was tired from working long hours. The Redditor mentioned that she had a conversation with her husband and also reached out to Trudi and her children, but unfortunately, no progress was made. «It’s impressive how my son-in-law is the only one who puts in the effort.» According to Trudi, I am living in her father’s house, which apparently means I have no authority to dictate her actions. «My husband didn’t support me,» the OP emphasized. The original poster had reached her breaking point with her stepdaughter, prompting her to make the decision to move out of the house and into her own apartment. After witnessing Trudi’s careless treatment of her property, she decided it was time for her to find a new place to live. This made everyone angry, including her husband.

Her son-in-law was the only one who truly grasped the OP’s frustration. It’s incredible how the stepdaughter went to such lengths as threatening to sue the OP, even though they had already signed a lease. According to a Redditor, it seems that Trudi may have already lost the battle before it even began. This is because she failed to pay the required deposit for the place, as stated in the agreement. After spending a week in the apartment, the OP couldn’t help but fall in love with the peace and serenity of the place, not to mention the joy of having a clean and organized living space. Even though her husband would pay her visits a few times a week, he insisted they stick to their original plan. The OP mentioned that she would consider returning home if she were to discover the house in a perfect state. However, things didn’t turn out as expected. “It was disgusting. The odor was far from pleasant. She described the scene as resembling a household filled with five unsupervised teenage boys. Trudi quickly began offering explanations and reassured the OP that the mess was not her responsibility, attributing it to the lack of her own living space. The Redditor wasn’t convinced by the story and decided to leave the house, making her way back to her apartment. 

The original poster (OP) expressed her reluctance to cohabitate with her stepdaughter and requested that her husband join her in their apartment. However, her husband, who is retired and thoroughly enjoys his current home, was not willing to make the move. According to the Redditor, she would only consider moving back if Trudi and her family relocated elsewhere. 

The commenters empathized with the original poster’s frustrations. There was a widespread belief that her husband had made a mistake by supporting his daughter’s behavior, and that he should have shown solidarity with his wife. Many people also felt a strong sense of empathy towards the son-in-law. People thought that he was already used to dealing with Trudi’s behavior and that this situation just showed how dysfunctional their relationship was. However, online users suggested that the Redditor should remain in her apartment and let her husband handle his daughter until he reached his breaking point.

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