My Wife Insists She’s Pregnant Despite All Tests Coming Back Negative

At times, our desires can blind us from seeing beyond what we want. It seems that our reader’s wife has always had a strong desire to become a mother. Despite all the indications to the contrary, she firmly believes that her dream is finally becoming a reality.

One of our readers graciously shared a captivating story with us. You may read it below and share your thoughts on it in the comments section. 

My wife had always expressed a desire to have children, but I wasn’t quite prepared for that responsibility at the time.
Just the other day, she arrived home from an appointment and shared the news that she was expecting. She confidently said, «Despite the negative test results, I have a strong intuition that I am carrying a baby boy. I just feel it, the doctor is wrong.»

She has been purchasing items for our future child and even reorganized the living room to accommodate a crib. I reached my breaking point and informed her that she couldn’t possibly be pregnant. She began to cry, accusing me of not caring for her.

One evening, I decided to take a look at her phone. Although I don’t make a habit of snooping, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

And guess what? She was chatting with a psychic who managed to convince her that she was expecting a baby.

She even went as far as sending the psychic a significant amount of money for their supposed «services». I made an effort to talk to her, but she now thinks I’m cruel and cheap person.

What are your thoughts on this challenging situation? What advice would you give this dedicated husband to manage it effectively?

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