My Daughter and Her Husband Are Upset About the ‘Just in Case’ Fund I Created But I…

In this story, we delve into the unpredictability of life and how a mother took proactive steps to secure a financial safety net for her daughter in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Surprisingly, her good intentions were met with an unexpected reaction.

My daughter and her husband have been happily married for 3 years, and they recently welcomed their first child into the world. Throughout their marriage, she has chosen to focus on being a homemaker, and now she is dedicated to being a full-time mother without any intentions of pursuing a career outside the home. I believe that’s perfectly acceptable and I have been very supportive. It’s worth mentioning that she and her husband have substantial life insurance policies, providing them with financial security in the event of one of their passing.

And despite receiving child support, it’s highly likely that she would need to go back to work. And after taking some time off from work, who knows if that will be hard. My main concern revolves around my niece who found herself in this situation and despite receiving child support, she faced significant challenges.

My husband (her father) and I decided to create a backup account, just in case. In the event of a divorce, she will have financial security as a backup plan. If they stay married after my husband and I pass away, it will simply be included in what she will inherit.

I hadn’t planned on discussing it with her unless the situation arose, but my husband made a valid point. If she ever finds herself wanting to leave but concerned about her financial stability, it would be beneficial for her to have a backup plan.

So, we informed her and she seemed quite taken aback. According to her, she expressed gratitude for it but believed that we were not supporting her. I told her that we love her husband and hope they stay married for a long time. We have consistently provided support. However, this is like the prenup. A precautionary measure. A last resort.

Well, she informed her husband, and he’s quite angry with us too, claiming that we lack faith in him. I told them it was to protect our daughter and wasn’t really different from the prenup. I also said that we’ll always want to protect our girl, just like he will protect his daughter.

People stood on their side and shared their thoughts about this situation on Reddit.

«That’s the whole point of a prenup: to protect your assets in case the marriage doesn’t work out.» It seems that the husband is upset that his wife is receiving the same level of comfort that he had arranged for himself. PurpleArugula5766 / Reddit

Planning for potential challenges is important when you’re in a relationship. It’s all about ensuring the safety of your loved ones and yourself in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Pindakazig / Reddit
«If someone is in a healthy and solid marriage, no number of people telling them they won’t last will have any kind of impact on them; however, if you think otherwise, then…”

He enjoyed having control over her. ‘You must remain here, otherwise you will receive nothing.’ That power is gone now with the parents’ money. It seems that he is attempting to portray them as the villains in order to separate her from their influence, ultimately leading to the loss of the money once more. RockingRobin / Reddit

It would have been ideal if the husband had responded with something like, «That would be wonderful. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, it would provide my wife and child with extra support and reduce their dependency.» baloo1970 / Reddit

“Good for you guys, you just leveled the playing field. You’re such a supportive person, and it’s great that he’s aware of that. Creates a more balanced dynamic. 2moms3grls / Reddit

It seems that your daughter may have a limited perspective and lacks experience. There was absolutely no justification for reporting to her husband and causing unnecessary conflict. You are offering her a truly remarkable gift, which would have greatly helped numerous women in similar situations throughout history. I believe you just need to stay strong and sure that the love is there, but keep comparing it to the prenuptial agreement. That should get him to shut up.”  SheWolf4Life / Reddit

My parents did something similar when my daughter came into the world. On her second birthday, my dad took me aside and generously offered to cover the expenses of my divorce lawyer. This unexpected support gave me the motivation to finally get everything in order. After a decade, my life has significantly improved because of it. CodexAnima / Reddit

The daughter’s unexpected response brought to light the need of open communication and respect for her independence. This situation serves as a valuable lesson in finding the right balance between parental support and respecting the daughter’s independence. It ultimately strengthens their relationship and prepares them both for whatever the future holds.

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