Rescue Dog’s Reaction to Seeing Her Grandma Melts Hearts—’I Am Crying’

A rescue dog’s excited zoomies when she saw her granny for the first time in weeks went viral on TikTok, bringing tears to the internet.

TikTok user @annatherescue shared the adorable video of Anna, assumed to be 3 years old, being «surprised» to see her grandmother arrive through the door.

Anna is generally quiet and shy, but she becomes «very vocal» when she meets her granny, her Connecticut owner, Ava, told Newsweek. Although she gets very excited every time she sees her grandma, but this time her reaction was even more pumped up because it had been a few weeks since they had been together.

Anna spun on the sofa and made joyous sounds. In only a few days, the video has over 279,300 views and 49,400 likes.

«Anna and my mom clicked immediately when I brought her home,» said Ava. They both have such calm, gentle souls and they have created such an amazing bond.

Since saving Anna from an Oklahoma shelter in January 2022, Ava has made numerous memories with the mixed breed and helped her come out of her shell.

Anna has learned to trust everyone, but she still has favorites.

«She has such a wonderful heart and honestly brings pleasure wherever she goes.»

Anna has built a strong bond with her grandmother over the last two years, who will come whenever she can.

No friendship is complete without a love of food. Anna likes her grandma’s homemade turkey meatballs, while Ava says her parents usually «save one just for her.» It’s no wonder Anna adores her.

Ava is thrilled by the reaction to her TikTok video and enjoys watching Anna bring pleasure to so many online.


In honor of mothers day, I wanted to post one of my favorite videos of Anna and one of her favorite people on this earth, her grandma🤍 happy mothers day loves🤍

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