6 True Events That Are Highly Disturbing

Some experiences in life can make us question the existence of otherworldly beings, sparking debates about whether they are real or just products of our minds and imagination. Today, we’re diving into a collection of intriguing stories that revolve around people experiencing or witnessing unexplainable events that challenge all rationality. Whether you agree with these events or not, one thing is for sure—they are bound to leave you with a sense of unease.


During my teenage years, when technology was not as advanced as it is today, my family decided to go on a vacation to Canada. However, I made the choice to stay behind and work my summer job. It was quite unexpected when, on the 7th day, a postcard arrived from my mother. It turns out they had made a spontaneous decision to visit friends in Vermont, extending their trip by 2 days.
Upon their return, two days later, they expressed their apologies for their unannounced absence. I said, “You did tell me. I received your postcard a couple of days ago.» My mother’s face turned white as she exclaimed, «We never sent a postcard. We made a pit stop on our way home, so even if we had sent a postcard, it wouldn’t have reached its destination yet.»
«But I have the postcard right here,» I said, reaching for the stack of mail on the counter. After searching through it, I couldn’t find a single postcard. It seems that I must have imagined that she had sent it to inform me. © Wiseb***98 / Reddit


Around three weeks ago, I found myself at a family friend’s house, feeling unexpectedly sick. I experienced a sudden decrease in my blood pressure, accompanied by symptoms of sweating, feeling cold and sluggish.  That night, we received devastating news about my uncle, who I had a special bond with. He passed away from a heart attack.  tworollsonebee / Reddit


Once, I had a sleep paralysis episode, and out of nowhere, my right ear began to ring. It felt and sounded like someone was yelling right into my ear as the ringing got louder. This happened while I was in a state of sleep paralysis. It was an incredibly terrifying and paranormal experience. © Vulcrux / Reddit


When I was around 15, I went for a stroll around my  neighborhood in the English countryside. There was a polo club nearby, so it was usual to hear horses coming up from behind. I heard a horse approaching me , so I turned to allow the horse pass when I sensed it was near enough.
There was nothing there. I could hear the sound growing louder and softer, as if a horse was passing by, even though there was no horse in sight. There was nowhere it could’ve been. It scared me. © hdawg19 / Reddit


As I was teaching a class with ten kids, I couldn’t help but notice how the lights reflecting on the whiteboard provided me with a clear view of the students. While I was in the middle of my lesson, I noticed one of the disruptive students suddenly rise from their seat, causing the desk to make a noticeable sound. I quickly called out his name and firmly instructed him to take a seat. The students let me know that he hadn’t arrived yet. As I glanced back, I noticed that the children were quietly shuffling to the front, purposefully avoiding the area where he typically sits.
After class, a fellow student shared an interesting experience with me. Apparently, whenever they use that classroom to study, they often hear the desk in the back of the class shifting and notice mysterious shadows in that area.


My brother and I share the unique bond of being twins. Once upon a time, in my early years, my father decided it was time for me to get a fresh haircut. He left my brother at home under the care of my mother. It seems that after we left the house, I continuously tugged on my dad’s hand and repeated, «Bob hurt.»
My father found it strange, so he decided to give mom a call. Since no one responded, he became slightly suspicious and promptly drove me back home. Returning to an empty house (in the era before cellphones), we simply waited for my mom and brother. After a while, my mom and brother came home, and we found out that my brother had fallen down and needed stitches. © stikkit2em / Reddit

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