You’ve Been Using a Grater Wrong Your Whole Life: Here’s the Right Way (Video)

### A TikTok User Reveals the Right Way to Use a Grater: Easier and Neater

A TikTok user, @trishisroyal, has demonstrated a better way to use a grater that is simpler and tidier. Trish recently realized she had been using a grater incorrectly her entire life.

In her video, Trish starts by showing the «wrong» way to use a grater: holding it vertically and running a carrot down its length. Shaking her head, she then proceeds to demonstrate the correct method: «Just flip the grater over, and there won’t be a mess.»

Trish places the grater horizontally on a cutting board and grates the carrot, with all the pieces falling neatly onto the metal surface below.

Before learning this lifehack, many readers admitted to using the grater in the traditional vertical position, often resulting in a mess and unevenly grated pieces. This simple change has left many wondering why they hadn’t thought of it sooner. “This makes so much sense, I can’t believe I didn’t know this,” one reader commented.

Many viewers thanked her in the comments for the helpful tip: «Thanks, I’ve been using a grater wrong my whole life!» and «It’s such a game-changer for meal prep!» However, some mentioned they had already discovered this technique: «I’ve been doing this for years!»

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