«You Haven’t Told Her about Us?» Pregnant Wife Reads Her Best Friend’s  Message on Husband’s Phone 

A Reddit user recently made a shocking discovery: her husband had been unfaithful with none other than her closest friend. The woman discovered the devastating news when she was six months pregnant. Thankfully, her in-laws supported her.

A Reddit user recently shared a deeply emotional story about her family. The woman had been in a relationship with her husband since she was 19, and he was 22. They had been married for six years and were already parents to two children, with another one on the way.

As she looked forward to growing her family, she was hit with the devastating news that her father, her only left parent, had been diagnosed with colon cancer. She held onto hope that her father would overcome the cancer, but devastatingly, the treatment proved ineffective and he was given a prognosis of just a few months to live.

Her husband stood by her side during this difficult period, witnessing the decline of her father’s health and memory. «My husband has been my unwavering support. He has been a constant source of support, guiding me and providing assistance during this challenging time. He’s been so loving and attentive to both my kids and me,» wrote the Reddit user.

The mother of three emphasized that she never allowed her hardships to come between her and her children. She was an attentive mother who always made sure to give her children the attention they needed. The OP was a dedicated wife who never slacked in her usual household duties.

Alongside her husband, the anonymous Reddit user found solace in the unwavering support of her childhood best friend. «We have been best friends since we were babies. Her family is like my family and vice versa,» she explained. It came as no surprise that her closest friend provided her with unwavering support throughout her father’s challenging fight against cancer. Unfortunately, an unexpected event occurred that completely disrupted their lives.

On a typical morning, OP found herself awake with her unwell three-year-old when one of her husband’s alarms started playing. He typically programmed a few of them before waking up, and she took it upon herself to turn them off. As she leaned over the phone, a text from her best friend caught her eye.

«I’m guessing that you haven’t informed her about us yet, considering there hasn’t been an angry pregnant woman at my doorstep.»

It was a shocking discovery that left her utterly stunned. Determined to uncover the truth, she decided to investigate further by examining his phone. To her dismay, she discovered that her husband had been engaging in an affair with her childhood best friend for a period of four months. The OP decided to handle the situation in the best way she knew how.

Some people would know exactly what to do in that case, but the anonymous Reddit writer said she had no idea what to do. At the beginning, she chose to ignore what had happened and carried on as if everything was normal. She consistently showed her support as a wife, taking the time to ask about her husband’s day.

In addition, the OP managed to keep her children completely unaware of what was happening. It was puzzling to see that neither her husband nor her best friend showed any signs of affection or gave her any reason to suspect they were having an affair.

In the midst of this overwhelming emotional turmoil, the mother found it incredibly difficult to come to terms with the loss of her father and the breakdown of her family. She didn’t inform her husband that everything would fall apart in the end, at least not for one peaceful day.

Regarding her best friend, she made a firm decision to cut off all communication and showed no interest in understanding the motive behind her act of betrayal. «After today, I will cut her out of my life like she never mattered at all,» she resolved.

The mother of three received an overwhelming amount of support from commenters. A Reddit user praised her for her resilience, but made it clear that they would not recommend her to stay and attempt to reconcile with her husband.

Shortly thereafter, the OP provided her readers with an update. She shared that she informed her mother-in-law and the mother of her former best friend about the news. She simply distributed screenshots of the conversation between her husband and ex-best friend, without delving into the details of the story.

Surprised by the revelations, her in-laws and her ex-best friend’s family were quick to offer their support and express their sincere apologies, embracing and shedding tears together. Her mother-in-law was extremely angry and on the verge of cutting ties with her son.

Despite her initial doubts about ending her marriage, OP took the initiative to consult with a lawyer and began working on her divorce settlement. According to her, she hired a skilled attorney who was prepared to vigorously defend her case. The lawyer made it clear that her husband would not receive her father’s inheritance.

The original poster has not yet addressed the situation with her husband, but she is determined to prioritize beginning a fresh chapter with her children. The woman’s in-laws received a lot of praise in the comments for their support and for taking her side.

Many people were impressed by the way the Reddit user gracefully navigated through a difficult situation. A commenter shared:

«It’s truly heartwarming to see that you have the unwavering support of the families of those who betrayed you.» It is not uncommon for families to support the betrayer instead of the betrayed, especially when they are related. Morality is one of the rare things that can trump family.»

Readers eagerly anticipate her next update on her husband’s reaction to her confrontation. The user came back with another astonishing update regarding her conversation with her husband.

The OP returned with an update to her story, beginning by sharing that she had undergone testing and received negative results for all types of STDs/STIs. She collected all the necessary financial documents and wills from her parents and in-laws to safeguard herself in the event of a divorce.

The mother-in-law of the OP and her former best friend’s mother decided to take matters into their own hands by organizing a little gathering to showcase the revealing text messages of the unfaithful couple. The redditor’s cheating husband tried to hit his lover after the showing, but she cried and told her parents she was sorry.

When OP’s husband returned home, he was furious to discover that his wife had packed up her belongings and left with the children. He lost it and went to find his wife at her dad’s house. While there, he hit the front door with a baseball bat and got arrested.

The Redditor was determined not to settle and remain with her husband, inspired by the remarkable example set by her parents on the importance of faithfulness in a marriage. In addition to her in-laws, OP received support and assistance from Jake, the brother of her former best friend.

During their gaming session, he mustered up the courage to reveal his long-standing affection for OP, dating all the way back to their teenage years. One month later, the OP sadly shared the news that her father had passed away just a week after her last update. She and her husband got a dissolution of marriage instead of a divorce because it was quicker.

OP’s ex-husband saw his kids once a week with supervision and went to therapy and learned how to control his anger. She welcomed her precious bundle of joy into the world and decided to honor her father by giving the baby his name. The OP decided to exclude her ex-husband from the delivery room, which didn’t sit well with him.

She and Jake were taking their time and he understood it, while also being encouraging. After Jake completed his service in the army and retired early, he decided to temporarily stay with OP while he searched for his own place.

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