5 People Who Experienced Eerie Things That Are Too Hard to Grasp

Every one of us has humorous stories, well-kept secrets, and priceless memories that we will always cherish. But in between wonderful times, there are also eerie incidents that leave an eternal impression on our memories. People have been posting their own eerie mysteries and disturbing encounters that still consume their thoughts on Reddit lately.


My friend and coworker and I were waiting for our rides one evening after work while the sun was setting and it was growing dark. He began telling me about his belief in aliens. He admitted that he sounded insane, but he was certain that aliens existed. I asked him what made him believe so fiercely.

He clarified that he met with the aliens once a week in the forest. He would be up with the aliens all night while they shone a light down on him. Even more bizarrely, he said his mother would go with him. He added that although the aliens did not understand him, they had given each other a neurological «chip» so they could converse.

The gloom in his eyes as he began to describe, as though he had been transported there and was recounting events from memory as though they were real, was, in my opinion, the most unsettling aspect of it all. This individual appeared to genuinely believe everything he was saying. I told him everything was possible because I was feeling a little terrified (I was just 19 at the time) and it sounded like a really interesting experience that he had, so I played along. He said, «I really appreciate you listening to me,» as the light in his eyes came back on after I stated that. “Usually, nobody handles this kind of material.”

My longtime buddy and coworker was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia about a month later. Even in my 30s, I still find it difficult to comprehend. © Reddit/fearwanheda92


My mom fainted while going outside to check her mail. After finding her, the neighbor phoned 911 and us. Upon our arrival, she informed us that her father, who had passed away a year prior, had said to her, «Woman, haven’t we been away long enough? When are you coming up here?”
After we brought her to the hospital, tests revealed that she had cancer everywhere. Thirty days later, she passed away. I was really angry at my Dad for that. © Reddit / Rare-Philosopher-346


In the past, I worked the night shift at a technological center for colleges. Usually, my late nights involved simply maintaining the one lab available in case any students wished to work past their bedtime. My office was in the basement, next to the lab, and the buildings closed at two in the morning.
One evening, all of the desktop computers in the office and lab abruptly shut down. We didn’t have any system updates planned, so when they all of a sudden restarted, mirrored each other to open Wordpad, and began chanting «GO HOME ANGSTY!» over and over. It scared the hell out of me, as it had been hours of dim basement lighting and silence when that happened. © Reddit/Angry_Potatos


We spent almost every day with my grandma while she was in hospice care until her death. We were there a day before her death when she asked, «Who are your friends behind you with the hats and coats?» and pointed behind me. There was no one behind me, only a cabinet! © Reddit / rew31314


My grandfather sent me a text message wishing me a good night and expressing his love. I had never received a text from him before, only occasional calls throughout the year. Initially, I was perplexed and had suspicions of it being spam. However, I eventually decided to respond. The following morning, I discovered that he had peacefully passed away that night. © Reddit’s Mustard_not_ketchup

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