Waiters Ignore the Ordinary-Looking Woman as They Wait for the Secret Reviewer

Jake’s job was being a waiter at a restaurant. One day, an unknown critic wrote a review of their restaurant. His boss told everyone to pay attention to the critic. Jake, on the other hand, kept helping anyone who needed it, which paid off in the end.

Jake, a passionate culinary enthusiast, found himself working as a waiter at a charming local restaurant. It had been quite a challenge for him to secure a job in the kitchen. However, he decided to start off by taking any available position in a restaurant and gradually make his way up the ladder.

Although he initially had different aspirations, he eventually developed a deep appreciation for his work as a waiter. In addition, he had a genuine passion for helping others. One of the reasons he found cooking appealing was because it allowed him to provide for his family during his upbringing.

Although he couldn’t afford lavish presents, he always found a way to brighten their day with his culinary skills. And that was sufficient for Jake.

Early in the day, Jake’s manager, Rob, called for a meeting with Jake and the rest of the staff. Jake and the staff anxiously awaited their manager, exchanging hushed whispers with one another.

«What could we have done wrong now?» murmured some staff members.

Rob was a tough boss who was sometimes so strict it was rude. He had a habit of condescending to his staff and disregarding customers he felt were not worth his time or attention.

As Rob stepped into the kitchen, a hush fell over the room. The staff quickly made way for Rob as he confidently entered, asserting his presence as he typically did.

«Alright, pay attention!» It’s crucial that everyone brings their best today! None of the half-baked stuff you usually give me!» Rob’s comment was quite impolite.

«What sets today apart from the rest?» «So,» Jake said with a confident tone. Jake always found Rob’s way of addressing them to be disrespectful and made a conscious effort to not engage with his insults.

«I’m happy you inquired, Jake. Guess what? We just received some exciting news — a secret reviewer is going to pay us a visit! Apparently, he or she is a renowned internet restaurant connoisseur. Today is the day where we need to put in maximum effort. Be careful and avoid any mistakes! Rob provided an explanation.

Jake was not pleased with the idea of them frantically running around in response to just one critic. He believed that every restaurant should provide excellent service as a standard expectation.

He frequently daydreamed about the day when he would have his own business, believing that things should be done differently. However, much to his dismay, Rob frequently reminded him to focus on his work rather than expressing his thoughts. As a result, he diligently kept to himself and carried on with his daily tasks.

On that particular day, the entire staff was eagerly anticipating the arrival of the critic. Rob carefully observed each customer, attempting to determine the identity of the reviewer. He eventually encountered a gentleman dressed in a stylish suit and sporting a luxurious timepiece. He was absolutely convinced that they had finally found the critic they had been searching for.

Rob gathered the staff and instructed them to give their undivided attention to that specific customer. All other customers, even our regulars, would have to come second that day.

The waiters were instructed to entertain the man. They playfully danced around him, flashing insincere smiles in an attempt to win him over. They were incredibly attentive, constantly clearing away used napkins. The cook worked diligently to prepare his dishes as efficiently as he could.

Meanwhile, amidst the spectacle, Jake’s attention was drawn to a woman who stood out in her simple attire, unnoticed and unattended. She had been assigned a waitress, but the waitress seemed more interested in the spectacle Rob had organized.

«Hello, ma’am.» I hope you are well. Have you received your order yet?» Jake asked politely, his smile radiating warmth.

«Hello, young man.» There’s this young lady who said she’d lend me a hand, but it seems like she’s got a lot on her plate right now. I’ve asked her to help me three times already. «I’ve been waiting for nearly 20 minutes,» the woman complained.

«I’m sorry to hear about that.» «But don’t worry, I’ll be your server today,» Jake said with a friendly smile.

As Jake took the lady’s order, Rob glared at him with annoyance. As Jake made his way to the kitchen, the woman’s order in hand, Rob wasted no time in confronting him.

«What on earth do you think you’re up to?» Didn’t I already mention that our main focus is on the man?! Are you trying to drive this business to the ground?» Rob let out a loud bark, immediately grabbing the woman’s attention.

«I’m sorry, Rob. «I understand, but I can’t prioritize one man over the rest of our customers,» Jake retorted.

«You can and will if you want to keep your job!» Rob muttered angrily as he stormed away.

After waiting for thirty minutes, the woman’s order was still not ready. Jake headed to the kitchen to see how the woman’s order was coming along, only to discover that the chef hadn’t even begun working on it. He was diligently preparing the man’s meal.

Jake thought it would be a nice gesture to bring her one of his favorite starters, which he had already prepared, as a way to apologize for the delay. He went so far as to insist that he would cover the cost himself. The woman was appreciative, but Rob was furious.

After enjoying his meal, the man eventually departed. As soon as he stepped out the door, Rob wasted no time in summoning his team for yet another staff meeting. He praised the staff for their efforts and then gave Jake a disapproving look.

«And you!» So, you believe you have the freedom to do whatever you want, huh? Rob exclaimed.

«No, sir. I just thought it was—» Jake began his task when Rob abruptly interrupted, tearing into him.

«Enough with your excuses! You’re fired! Now please gather your belongings and kindly remove yourself from my presence». Rob snarled.

Jake’s heart was shattered. Securing this job had been a long and arduous journey for him. And this was meant to be his first step towards realizing his dream of becoming a chef. He had been turned down by all the other restaurants. It was his final glimmer of hope.

Jake felt a deep sense of despair, yet he obediently followed the instructions given to him. The following day, he was pleasantly surprised to receive multiple calls from restaurants interested in hiring him. They had heard about him through the critic’s review of the restaurant where he had previously worked.

Jake was puzzled, so he made the decision to dig deeper. After a long search, he stumbled upon the much-awaited review from the critic. It turned out that the critic was the woman he was serving, not the man.

The reviewer’s article was filled with harsh criticism towards the restaurant and its food. The article highlighted a positive experience with a waiter named Jake, who was described as welcoming, professional, and well-mannered. Jake demonstrated genuine care for the client and made an effort to ensure her visit was enjoyable.

Once the review was published, Jake landed a position at one of the top-notch restaurants in town. After gaining some experience as a waiter, he eventually landed a position as one of the senior chefs at the restaurant.

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