My Husband Insisted on Having Another Child or Threatened Divorce — But After My Lesson, He Begged for Forgiveness

My husband, Michael, has always been an incredibly dedicated father and a highly accomplished businessman. He has been a great provider for our family and dedicates a significant amount of time to his work. Having this opportunity has allowed me to embrace the role of a stay-at-home mother and nurture our five wonderful daughters.

However, recently, his aspirations of having a son «to continue the family legacy» have transformed into expectations. And those demands have transformed into threats!

«Sarah, I think it’s time we consider expanding our family,» he said one night after dinner. His tone was serious, almost cold.

«Michael, we already have five daughters,» she exclaimed. So, you’re suggesting that I continue having children until we have a son?» I responded, sensing the growing tension.

«But don’t children bring blessings into your life?» Is it really that difficult? His words were painful. We’ve had this discussion countless times in the past, but there was something distinct about this particular instance. It seemed as though there was no other option. We kept going back and forth, stubbornly sticking to our own choices.

Our argument reached a point where he subtly suggested that he was thinking about ending our marriage if I didn’t agree to have a son for him! «So, you’re implying that you would abandon me if I fail to give you a son?» I asked, my voice filled with uncertainty.

«I didn’t say that,» he muttered, averting his gaze. However, the message was unmistakable. He was open to the idea of divorce if I didn’t comply with his desires. Our argument came to a close as we each went our separate ways to get ready for bed.

That evening, I couldn’t sleep as thoughts of our conversation raced through my mind. How could he possibly disregard the life we had created together? Our daughters are absolutely incredible, each one with their own special qualities and a zest for life. I couldn’t fathom our family being any different.

I needed to make him understand what he was asking of me, of us. And guess what? As I prepared to fall asleep, I devised a clever plan to demonstrate to him the true experience of single-handedly raising five children!

On the following day, I woke up bright and early while everyone else was still sound asleep. I decided to pack a bag and make my way to my late mother’s old country house. I silenced my phone and disregarded all of his attempts to reach me.

As I enjoyed my morning meal and a steaming cup of coffee, I eagerly tuned in to my go-to show of the day: «The Drama That Unfolds When You Leave Your Husband at Home Alone with Five Children.» It was fascinating to observe everything in real-time through the surveillance cameras we had set up at home.

Michael was in for a surprising awakening! As soon as he opened his eyes, he began preparing for his day at work. However, his preparations came to a halt upon hearing the children causing a commotion. «Where is your mother and why aren’t you all dressed and ready for breakfast?» he asked about our mischievous bunch.

It was such a proud moment for me when my little ones completely disregarded him and carried on with their joyful antics of jumping on beds and playing. It was quite a scene when my husband frantically searched for me, calling out my name, only to realize that I wasn’t at home. After that, he began giving me a call and I observed the incoming phone call.

«What on earth, Sarah,» he exclaimed in exasperation as he finally gave up on the sixth missed call. He was unable to go to work as he couldn’t bear the thought of leaving our young daughters by themselves. The first morning was incredibly funny and an absolute catastrophe!

He attempted to prepare breakfast, but unfortunately, he ended up burning the toast and accidentally spilling orange juice all over the place! The children were darting about, adamantly refusing to put on their clothes. He was utterly swamped, while I relished every single moment!

«Olivia, please refrain from running!» «Jessica, please put your shoes on!» His voice was filled with frustration as he shouted.

«Dad, I’m not a fan of this cereal!» Emily complained, pushing her bowl away.

«So, what is it that you desire?» he asked, clearly frustrated.

«I would like some pancakes!» she exclaimed. Michael let out a deep sigh as he gently massaged his temples.

«Alright, I guess I’ll whip up some pancakes.»

Little Jessica, feeling a bit excluded, chimed in, «I’d love some scrambled eggs and cake!»

Olivia, always eager to join in, confidently requested, «I’ll have some waffles with fresh cream, please!»

If his temples were already hurting, I was certain they were now pulsating! As the day progressed, the chaos continued to escalate! He attempted to assist them with their online education, but they continuously became unfocused and wandered away!

«Jessica, please concentrate on your math homework,» he begged.

«I just can’t comprehend it, Daddy!» she exclaimed. He was seated next to her, fixated on the screen.

«Alright, let’s work on this together.» While assisting the children, a call from work interrupted.

Based on the conversation and Michael’s excessive apologies, it seems that he had neglected to inform anyone of his absence for the day! When it was time for lunch, my husband was at a loss trying to figure out what our children enjoyed eating. They ultimately enjoyed a spontaneous picnic filled with an assortment of snacks.

«Can we please have peanut butter and jelly?» «Olivia asked,» she inquired.

«I’m not sure if we have any,» he responded, rummaging through the pantry.

«How about trying jelly?» she suggested. I have to admit, it was quite disheartening to witness Michael in such a state, but the situation did have its humorous moments and was definitely worth the experience!

The house was in complete disarray, with toys scattered all over the place, and he appeared to be on the verge of losing his composure! «Ugh, why is there Play-Doh on the carpet?» he complained.

«I’m not sure, you should ask Emily,» Jessica responded. Upon hearing her name, Emily immediately began to defend herself by listing all the reasons why she couldn’t possibly be the one responsible.

«I exclusively play with shades of purple and blue. Play-Doh is a versatile and fun modeling compound that has captured the imagination of children and adults alike. With its vibrant colors and soft texture, it offers endless possibilities for creative expression. Whether you’re sculpting a masterpiece or simply enjoying the tactile experience, Play I wasn’t sitting on the carpet, I just ran a bit on it in one spot. I… My husband interrupted her with a humorous remark, saying, «Alright, Emily! Alright, I understand! Could you kindly remove it for Daddy, please?

When the sun set, the girls were eager to indulge in a game of dress-up, and Michael simply couldn’t resist joining in! He was forced to wear a tiara and feather boa as they playfully portrayed him as royalty!

«Daddy, you look absolutely stunning!» Emily let out a little laugh.

«This is absurd,» he grumbled, yet he couldn’t help but smile at their happiness.

My husband appeared out of sorts and incredibly worn out. Bedtime was the last straw! They absolutely refused to go to bed, insisted on hearing stories, and continuously found ways to sneak out of their rooms! I was so proud!

«Just one more story, Daddy,» Olivia pleaded.

«Alright, but then it’s really time for bed,» he reluctantly agreed, his patience wearing thin. By the end of the second day, Michael was clearly overwhelmed and on the brink of a breakdown! He began sending me urgent messages, pleading for my return and assistance.

«My dear, I can’t handle this on my own,» he texted. He went so far as to send a video of himself, humbly pleading for forgiveness.

«I apologize, my dear. It would be great if you could return home. I require your assistance. The clip became even more hilarious when he filmed it in our locked bathroom, while the girls were insisting that he come out and play!

I made the decision to head back home. As soon as I entered, Michael hurried over to me, his expression filled with an overwhelming sense of relief.

«I apologize,» he said. «I won’t bring up the topic of having a son again.» He embraced me with such intensity that it felt as if the air was being squeezed out of my lungs!

«I’ve come to understand the extent of your efforts, and I’m committed to dedicating more quality time to our family,» he solemnly pledged. I was deeply moved.

«If you sincerely commit to dedicating more time to us and contributing more, we can consider the idea of having a sixth child,» I stated.

He nodded enthusiastically. «I assure you, I absolutely guarantee.» Please, I really hope I won’t have to be alone with them for that long again! We both shared a laugh, and ever since that day, he has stayed true to his word. He developed a deeper connection with our family, gaining a greater appreciation for the effort put into raising our existing children.

Our lives took a turn for the better. Michael made a conscious effort to prioritize his presence at home, adjusting his work schedule and occasionally working remotely. He was always there, supporting with homework, showing up for school events, and taking charge of bedtime duties!

My husband, who was once misguided, has even mastered the art of braiding hair, much to the joy of our daughters!

«Hey, Mommy, look!» My dad braided my hair! Jessica was filled with joy one morning.

«You did an excellent job, sweetheart,» I praised.

On a sunny Saturday morning, while gathered around the breakfast table, Michael cast me a gentle smile.

«I’ve been pondering,» he mused. «Perhaps the focus should not be on having a son. Maybe it’s about appreciating the family we have.

I returned the smile, a comforting warmth filling my chest. «That has been my ultimate desire, Michael.» As we enjoyed our breakfast, our conversation flowed effortlessly and laughter filled the air, relieving the built-up stress of the previous weeks. In those precious moments, enveloped by the presence of our daughters, we discovered the purest form of joy.

After months had passed, my husband seemed to have completely forgotten about the possibility of having another child. He had undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming more engaged and connected with our family than ever before. He was adored by the girls, and our home was always filled with joy and laughter.

«Hey Dad, would you be able to make it to my dance recital?» «Emily asked one day,» she said.

«Sure thing, sweetheart. «I wouldn’t miss it for anything,» he vowed. And true to his word, he delivered! He never missed a single recital, soccer game, or school play. Our daughters thrived with the increased care and affection he showed them.

On a peaceful evening, while observing our daughters frolic in the yard, Michael gently grasped my hand. «Thank you, Sarah,» he whispered gently. «For everything.» I gently held his hand, my eyes welling up with tears.

«I appreciate your understanding,» I replied.

Our journey was filled with challenges, but it ultimately strengthened our bond. My husband came to truly value the family he had. It was a pivotal moment when I discovered the courage to advocate for myself and our daughters. We felt an immense sense of strength, prepared to confront any obstacles that came our way.

As we sat there, observing our daughters joyfully chasing fireflies as the sun dipped below the horizon, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of contentment.

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