Mother-Daughter Beach Trip Turns Tragic, But Mom Sees God’s Hand at Work

During a beach trip with her family and friends, Lulu Gribbin, a 15-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, experienced a devastating shark attack. At Rosemary Beach in Walton County, Florida, an unfortunate incident took place. Lulu and her friend McCray Faust were attacked by a bull shark, which officials suspect to be the same one responsible for two other attacks in the area. Lulu suffered severe injuries to her upper leg and hand, which led to substantial blood loss. Meanwhile, McCray experienced a foot injury and was subsequently discharged from the hospital. Prior to the incident, a 45-year-old woman had encountered the same shark in a location 4 miles away, resulting in the loss of part of her left hand.

Ann Blair Gribbin, Lulu’s mother, shared the challenging events and her daughter’s journey to recovery on her Caring Bridge page. A mother-daughter beach trip took a devastating turn on June 7th when Ann witnessed a crowd forming near the shoreline and found her daughter in a state of severe injury. Lulu was swiftly transported to the hospital, where she underwent urgent surgery. Even after losing 2/3 of her blood and undergoing multiple surgeries, Lulu displayed incredible strength. Ann expressed her overwhelming sense of relief when Lulu, following stabilization and extubation, uttered her first words: «I made it.»

After the incident, Lulu shared the details of her experience with her friends. They were wading in waist-deep water, searching for sand dollars, when the shark suddenly attacked. Thanks to the swift response of bystanders, including doctors and a nurse who quickly applied tourniquets, Lulu’s life was successfully saved. Ann expressed sincere appreciation for those who provided assistance and highlighted her daughter’s remarkable courage. She requested prayers for Lulu’s ongoing recovery and for her family to find strength.

Ann is confident that even though there is still a long way to go, they have a strong support system from God and their community.

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