Breaking: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Are Selling Their $61 Million Mansion, and an Insider Has Now Revealed Why. I Guess the Rumors Were True…

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have decided to sell their stunning Beverly Hills mansion. However, this move may not necessarily signify the end of their divorce proceedings.

Yesterday, news broke that the high-profile couple had decided to sell their $61 million property, just a year after buying it. This information was first reported by TMZ, and it quickly led to widespread speculation that the reason behind the sale was the possible breakup of ‘Bennifer’.

There have been numerous reports in recent weeks about the relationship between Affleck and Lopez, and it’s been challenging to determine their level of commitment based on the available evidence.

According to reports, Affleck has been residing in a rental property for some time now, after moving out of the mansion he shares with J-Lo. On the other hand, Lopez made headlines last week when she unexpectedly called off her highly anticipated This is Me Now… Live tour in North America, citing her desire to prioritize quality time with her family.

It’s safe to say that the situation is anything but pleasant.

Despite the potential loss they may face on the sale of their home, which includes broker’s fees and their own investments for renovations, it is not necessarily a sign of the end for their marriage.

According to PEOPLE Magazine, a source has revealed that both Affleck and Lopez have expressed dissatisfaction with the house for reasons unrelated to their relationship.

Ben was never a fan of the house. According to a source close to Lopez, he expressed concern about the distance from his kids.

As for Lopez, they claimed: “the house is way too big for her.”

This impressive 38,000 square-foot residence is truly a sight to behold. With its grandeur, it offers an astounding 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a spacious 12-car garage, and a luxurious pool. Additionally, it features a state-of-the-art sports complex complete with basketball and pickleball facilities, a fully-equipped gym, and even a boxing ring.

There’s no denying that an impressive mansion doesn’t guarantee a blissful marriage. As Affleck has recently relocated, supposedly due to his filming commitments for The Accountant 2, and with neither partner directly denying the media reports about their marriage, there is plenty of room for speculation to arise.

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