Police Officer Makes Child’s Day With Simple Act Of Kindness

A Memphis police officer recently went the extra mile to support a young boy’s love for football, showcasing a heartwarming act of kindness.

Officer Michael Pointer had the pleasure of meeting 10-year-old Kamarri Brooks during his time at the Westwood Community Center. Several days later, Pointer ran into Kamarri once more, who was already in his Lil Longhorns uniform and ready for practice, hours before it was scheduled to begin. As they chatted, Pointer came to realize that the young athlete was without a pair of football cleats.

«He mentioned that he didn’t have cleats, while all his friends did,» Pointer recalled.
Inspired by Kamarri’s situation, Pointer felt compelled to make a difference. He bought a fresh pair of cleats and socks and hand-delivered them to Kamarri’s house.

Carissa Brooks, the mother of Kamarri, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the officer’s kind act.
«Officer Pointer was incredibly kind and supportive in his actions towards my son, especially considering the fact that I am a single parent,» she expressed.

Kamarri has been playing football for three years and is recognized for his unwavering commitment, consistently showing up an hour before every practice.

This thoughtful act from Officer Pointer not only supplied Kamarri with the necessary equipment, but also showcased the power of community members to make a positive difference in each other’s lives.

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