Jennifer Lopez Spotted on Vacation Amid Divorce Rumors – Fans Angry After Spotting One Detail

There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about Jennifer Lopez and her rumored separation from actor Ben Affleck. It appears that the singer is currently enjoying a vacation in Italy.

And it appears that her choice has left some fans feeling disappointed… Continue reading to discover more.

In Positano, Italy, this week, Jennifer Lopez was seen without her husband, Ben Affleck, or her children. Despite not personally sharing details of her vacation, photos and videos of the 54-year-old singer exploring the island surfaced in American media.

Lopez found herself in the company of close friends, although her family was not present. It was quite interesting to spot the singer strolling around a resort, only to later witness her embark on a boat and set sail.

Rumors have been swirling about potential marital issues between 54-year-old Lopez and 49-year-old Affleck as they embark on this trip. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony held in Las Vegas in July 2022. As speculation about their troubled relationship reached its peak, the couple made a point to attend significant events for their children together, demonstrating a strong and united front.

Some fans are expressing their dissatisfaction with Lopez’s choice to go on a vacation without her husband and other family members. One annoyed fan wrote, “Is this her spending more time with the family that desperately needs her more than the tour?”

Another person sarcastically commented, «How wonderful that she’s prioritizing her family.» Both fans were discussing the singer’s recent announcement regarding the cancellation of her highly anticipated world tour, «This Is Me… Live.» The singer explained that she had decided to cancel the event in order to spend time with her family and friends.

Another fan chimed in with a similar sentiment, expressing uncertainty about their feelings. «Her fans made sacrifices to get expensive ass tickets to her tour and then she cancelled. Now she’s enjoying a luxurious yacht getaway in Italy, free from the responsibilities of her husband and kids.» One angry fan asked, «What happened to spending more time with her family and being heartsick?» asking the same thing.

Despite ongoing reports, sources continue to assert that the couple is facing challenges and making joint attempts to address them.

“Ben and Jen don’t want to get divorced,” the source said. They stated that despite their claims, their relationship is currently not functioning well. “They love each other and want to make things right because they are both unhappy. They aren’t done yet.”

According to a source, it has been noted that Jen and Ben have been leading separate lives, although they have not yet made an official decision to separate. They’re simply going about their own business at this stage. They went into their relationship very optimistic and thought things could change, but they haven’t.”

Just days after Lopez and Affleck put their marital home on the market, news from the source revealed that they had only owned it for 13 months before deciding to sell. In May 2023, the couple splurged a staggering $60.8 million on their new house.

Despite the swirling rumors of a potential breakup, Affleck and Lopez continue to make public appearances together, steadfastly sporting their wedding rings. Lopez also shared a heartwarming tribute to Ben on Father’s Day through her Instagram story over the weekend.

She posted a photo of Ben, taken during the filming of Pearl Harbor, where he can be seen sitting in a pilot seat. She captioned the photo with the words, «Our Hero.» Wishing you a joyful Father’s Day.

Although the couple doesn’t have any children together, they have created a loving blended family. Ben Affleck has three children that he shares with his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Garner. Lopez has two twin children that she shares with her ex-husband, singer Marc Anthony.

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