White Couple Gives Birth To Black Triplets After Going Through IVF

The Halberts had already welcomed two young children into their family when they discovered the opportunity to adopt embryos. They made the decision to adopt a set of twins through the National Embryo Donation Center [NEDC], but during their first ultrasound, the doctor surprised them with the news that there were actually three babies. It turns out that one of the eggs had split, resulting in the birth of triplets, two of whom were identical twins.

“For us, NEDC is […] setting the standard of what it means to have a high view of embryos, a high view of life, a high view of children,” said Aaron Halbert in a video.

Upon discovering they were expecting triplets, Rachel Halbert couldn’t hold back her tears.

«I couldn’t help but cry,» she recounted, «overwhelmed with happiness at the sight of something there, taken aback by the unexpected presence of three, and feeling a twinge of fear at the thought of three.»

In April of 2016, three adorable baby girls named Ryley, Whitley, and Anne Waverly came into the world and joyfully joined their older sister and brother at home. They were created 15 years ago and had been frozen ever since.

It is truly a remarkable gift for our family to have the opportunity to adopt these embryos and for me to have the privilege of carrying these children to term and watching their birth. The experience has been nothing short of a blessing, as it has reaffirmed the fact that these embryos are indeed precious lives. According to Rachel Halbert, these children are seen as image bearers of God, and their efforts to preserve and provide the best possible chance at life for these embryos are greatly appreciated.

The couple expresses deep gratitude towards the biological parents of their children for providing them with an opportunity to thrive instead of destroying them.

“On thing that stuck with me is just really the fact that NEDC is giving embryos the best opportunity to survive but also giving parents who’ve done IVF the chance to allow their embryos to be adopted and that’s a big difference. It’s not an exchange of property,” said Aaron Halbert. «[…]» When I gaze upon our three precious girls, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the profound impact their biological parents have had on their lives. They are true heroes in the eyes of these young souls. They could have destroyed them. They had the option to give them away or donate them to science, but instead they chose to place them for adoption, ensuring that they would have a chance at a fulfilling life fifteen years down the line.»

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