Woman Without Children Finds Out She Has a Daughter Through DNA Test

Clara, who never had children, decided to take a DNA genetic test on a whim, with the hope of discovering distant relatives. Imagine her surprise when she received the news that she had a daughter, despite never having been pregnant.

Clara Bennett only began to experience loneliness after the passing of her husband at the age of 57. She and her husband, William, were both dedicated human rights lawyers fully immersed in their work.

They crossed paths at a college protest and their connection was immediate. Throughout their 35 years together, they would sometimes contemplate the idea of starting a family. However, their unwavering commitment to their respective causes always remained their top priority.

Clara was taken aback by how quickly time flew by. Before she knew it, the possibility of having a baby had slipped away. However, she realized that adoption was now a viable alternative. Clara and William embarked on the adoption process shortly before his untimely passing.

Clara was in her office, deeply focused on saving a teenager on death row, when the call suddenly interrupted her. She responded, feeling annoyed. She said impatiently, «This better be good!»

«Mrs. Bennett?» The soft tone on the line sent shivers down her spine. «I have some news regarding your husband, Mr. William Bennett…»

Clara let the phone slip from her grasp, barely registering the voice on the other end and the explanations that followed. William was gone. His brave heart had failed. “I’m alone,” she whispered. “I’m all alone.”

William was fortunate to have caring parents, but Clara experienced a turbulent upbringing, being shuffled between multiple foster homes until she reached adulthood. Her impressive intellect and unwavering drive propelled her through college and law school.

There is a constant inner compass that leads us to our destined path. Returning home, there was no sign of William to enjoy a glass of wine and indulge in takeout pasta, no one to engage in lively debates, and no one to share the cold, empty bed.

Meeting William brought a profound sense of completeness to her life, erasing the feeling of incompleteness that had plagued her for so long. Now, her life was consumed by a terrible loneliness.

Clara expanded her office hours and took on additional cases, until one fateful day when she collapsed during a fervent closing argument for a young homeless mother accused of killing a social worker. Clara, the woman of steel, was no more.

After a period of recovery, she reflected on her life. She found herself in a unique position at the age of 60 — too young to retire, yet not as physically capable as she once was to continue practicing law.

What options did she have? Teach? She contacted the renowned law school where she and William had attended and was able to secure a part-time teaching position. It may not have been a lot, but it was enough to keep her engaged and in the company of enthusiastic young individuals.

Teaching proved to be helpful, but she spent the last few hours in solitude, indulging in the guilty pleasure of watching low-quality late-night television. Eventually, she would credit the following events to a late-night talk show.

At 2 am, a large black woman with a massive wig was interviewing a thin white woman. Their mouths moved silently until Clara increased the volume.

«…my mother,» said the thin woman, as she gently dabbed her eyes. “I asked her, but she didn’t know…”

The hostess looked at the camera with disbelief. «Did your mother not know who the father of her child was?»

The thin woman turned red with embarrassment. My mother went through some adventurous times, Mavis, but she has now found comfort in her faith!

«Amen!» exclaimed Mavis. “But how did she not know?”

«Ah, the memories of those Woodstock days,» reminisced the woman. “People were indulging in everything.”

«But you managed to locate your father,» Mavis interjected. «How did you manage to accomplish that?»

«So, my son surprised me with an unexpected Christmas gift — our DNA test results. Needless to say, I was absolutely livid… Some mysteries are meant for the Lord…»

«Yes, yes,» Mavis interjected. «But how did you manage to locate your father?»

When we received the report, we couldn’t believe our eyes: Sturgis Lee Kersey. Plus, an additional seven names of siblings. I was absolutely stunned…

At that moment, Mavis gestured, and Clara saw a stylish girl bring in the thin woman’s relatives. “This is where I get off!” Clara exclaimed and turned off the TV.

But that woman’s face stayed in her mind. Clara woke up and made her way to the bathroom. She flicked on the light switch and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. I’m curious about my origins and why she didn’t have love for me. On the following day, she made the choice to delve into her heritage.

After significant research, she chose a reliable company, ordered a DNA test, took the cheek swab, and sent it off.

After a month, the results finally arrived. Within the report, there was a section that delved into her ancestry, while another part caught attention: a striking ‘49.96% match’ with a photograph of a young woman named Rachel Sanders, 33, who was identified as her daughter.

She whispered, «My daughter?» «I don’t have a daughter!» Clara expressed her frustration in a strongly-worded email, highlighting the company’s shortcomings and mentioning the possibility of legal consequences.

The company reached out by phone. «Mrs. Bennett,» the man with a smooth voice said. Our team has completed a thorough review of your case. They think that you may have an identical twin.

«An identical twin?» Clara let out a surprised breath. However… Oh my goodness! I grew up in the foster system… I had no idea…”

Clara received a message from Rachel Sanders, who responded with enthusiasm and provided a phone number and a suggestion to meet up.

She agreed, and a couple of days later, she entered a restaurant and headed towards a table where a slender redhead was seated. The woman attempted to rise, but her strength failed her, causing her to sink back into her chair with a pale face.

She whispered, «You…» “You look just like mom. You seem to have a striking resemblance to her — from your hairstyle to your choice of clothes, and even the way you walk!

«Rachel?» «Clara asked,» she inquired. “Your mom, was she in foster care too?”

Rachel playfully tousled her curls. Oh, absolutely not! My mom was adopted when she was just two years old. She had no recollections of her mother and faced difficulties in adjusting. My grandparents advised against her search for her biological family.

«Your mother…» «Clara said,» “She’s my twin. Does she know?”

Rachel nodded. Indeed, she seems to be quite frightened. She didn’t want to explore this. She didn’t want to know why her mother abandoned her.”

«Abandoned us,» Clara lamented. She left us behind, and we were separated.» Rachel snapped a picture, quickly composed a message, and hit send.

«Sit!» Rachel asked. “Tell me about yourself!”

«I’m a lawyer,» Clara stated. “And a widow. Without any children or anyone else in my life, I decided to submit my DNA… But Rachel was gazing over Clara’s shoulder, smiling brightly.

She called out to her mother. “Come meet Clara.”

Clara stood up unsteadily and confronted her own reflection!

«Clara?» her other self whispered, “I’m Diane.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Clara took action. She extended her arms and embraced Diane. She realized she was crying, but it was okay because Diane was crying too, and so was Rachel.

«I always felt something was missing,» Diane cried.

«Me too!» exclaimed Clara. «It felt as if only a portion of my heart was functioning…»

«Finally, we’re all here!» exclaimed Diane. Rachel was greeted with warm smiles. Their hair and outfits bore a striking resemblance to one another.

Diane, a family law practitioner, shared that she had been married to Rachel’s father for over 15 years. Following the end of their relationship, she and teenage Rachel relocated to Denver, coincidentally where Clara resided!

Rachel tied the knot and welcomed four precious little ones into her life. «Oh, so you’re a grandmother!» «Wow!» Clara exclaimed. “We kept postponing having children, thinking we had time… Now it’s too late, and I find myself all alone.

«No, you’re not!» Diane exclaimed with determination. «You have me, Rachel, her husband, and kids… You’ll never be alone again!”

Clara found herself surrounded by a big family, filled with grand-nieces and nephews who bore a striking resemblance to her. As the sisters grew closer, they discovered uncanny similarities and shared preferences.

Since both were living alone, they decided to move in together, and Clara wholeheartedly doted on Diane’s grandchildren.

What insights can be gained from this story?
Reconnecting with loved ones is always a possibility, no matter how much time has passed. Clara discovered the existence of her identical twin and, as a result, was introduced to a large extended family. It’s fascinating how there’s always an inner compass leading us towards our ultimate purpose. A mystical connection led Diane to Clara.

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