My Daughter Chose Her Rich Dad over Me, Now Asks Me to Take Her Back as He Kicked Her Out

A mother sought guidance on Reddit after her daughter, Maria, decided to reside with her wealthy father because of their contrasting financial circumstances. Despite the woman’s attempts to reach out, her daughter, Maria, adamantly refused to reconcile and declared that she no longer had a mother.

However, when Maria turned 21, she made the decision to contact her mom. Maria found herself in a situation where she needed to seek refuge in her mom’s house following her father’s decision to kick her out.

The woman shared her story: “Her dad has gotten remarried and basically kicked her out. We had a phone conversation and decided to get together. She expressed a desire to return home.”

Maria’s father had spoiled her with a luxurious lifestyle, while her mother dealt with financial hardships.

When Maria approached her mother and expressed her desire to return home, the woman agreed, but she had a few conditions. Maria would need to get her GED, find a job, start planning her career, and contribute to the household chores. No rent was necessary.

Maria was clearly displeased with these conditions, resorting to insulting her mother and storming out. Opinions on Reddit were varied, with some users finding the conditions reasonable for Maria’s future, while others speculated that she may not be interested in a genuine relationship with her mom.

Ultimately, the mother’s decision to set conditions depended on their unique circumstances.

What do you think about this situation? What would you do if you were in the same position?

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