My Husband Married Me for My Money. But My Father’s Death Taught Him a Valuable Lesson

Picture this: spending countless years with your significant other, exchanging vows, and then uncovering the heartbreaking truth that their love was never genuine, but rather driven by financial gain. One of our readers, Emma, found herself in a similar situation. But her father was smart and made sure that Emma’s husband didn’t get that tempting piece.

In her letter, Emma, a woman in her late thirties, began by opening up about the recent passing of her father. Her grief remains intense, as she shared a deep and unique bond with him. Her father bravely took on the responsibility of raising her alone after tragically losing his wife when Emma was just a child.

Emma portrayed her father as a highly accomplished lawyer, frequently showcased in the media and widely acknowledged as a prominent figure. His remarkable skill set resulted in a multitude of victories in cases that were considered impossible by others, earning him nicknames such as «wizard» and «genius» from his colleagues. He was regarded as a mentor by many in the legal profession, who gained valuable insights from him.

His extraordinary talents led to substantial financial success. Emma’s father possessed a considerable fortune, with ownership of multiple prestigious law firms, extensive properties, and a collection of luxury vehicles.

Emma’s father, a dedicated single parent, was committed to instilling important values in his daughter, especially when it came to handling money responsibly. He stressed the importance of modesty and frugality, instilling in Emma the value of not showing off their wealth, even though they were privileged.

«I went to a typical school and pursued a legal education without any help from my dad.» She recalled how he refused to help her with entrance exam preparation, insisting that she follow his path and start from the beginning without skipping any steps.

Her father was incredibly proud of her achievements after she graduated with honors and landed a job at a small law firm. Despite her aspirations, he declined to hire her at his larger firms, emphasizing the importance of carving out one’s own path to success. Emma mentioned that she never actively sought media attention despite her father’s fame. «His impeccable reputation and talent were solely for his benefit, not mine. I never had any objections as I fully grasped his intention. He was determined to make sure that my future would be based on my own hard work and not on his money or connections once he was gone.»

When Emma began seeing Jake, a fellow student from university, her father had his doubts. Jake’s father asked him a lot of questions during their first meeting and ultimately found him lacking.

Recalling those moments, Emma shared, «My dad would frequently caution me about Jake, describing him as lazy and spoiled. According to him, it seems that Jake had his sights set on fame and wealth right from the start. However, I believed it was solely my father’s protective nature. Although I valued his concern, I didn’t give too much weight to his opinions about Jake.»

Jake never mentioned finances when talking to Emma, which made her feel confident in his genuineness. They tied the knot a year before her father’s passing, and their relationship appeared to be filled with joy and success, as they both pursued their careers with enthusiasm and commitment.

After Emma’s father passed away, she was overcome with grief. She remembered a distressing incident with Jake that occurred during this challenging time. Emma recounted, «Rather than providing me with solace and empathy, Jake wasted no time in broaching the topic of my inheritance, asking about the amount I would inherit upon my father’s passing.» The question took her by surprise, bringing back memories of her father’s previous worries about Jake’s intentions and his interest in her family’s fortune.

Emma shared her surprise when Jake asked about her inheritance, responding with disbelief, «What inheritance? I’m not receiving anything from my father; I’m not even mentioned in his will.» Jake appeared to dismiss her words, perhaps thinking they were a result of stress or shock following her father’s funeral, assuming she was making a joke. Emma explained, «I won’t receive any inheritance from my father since I’m not biologically related to him. I was adopted a year before my mother passed away, and while my father raised me as his own, he never intended to include me in his will. I’ve known this my whole life.»

Emma shared that Jake quickly filed for divorce after learning that she would not receive any inheritance from her father. About a month later, Emma organized a dinner gathering with Jake and a family acquaintance, who coincidentally was her father’s business associate.

During the dinner, the family friend disclosed the details of Emma’s father’s will to Jake. According to the will, if Jake remained married to Emma for at least five years following her dad’s death, he would be entitled to half of the inheritance, while the remaining half would go to Emma. In the event of a divorce, however, Emma would receive all of her father’s money and property.

Emma was happy with how things turned out and said, «Seeing my ex’s stunned reaction and his inability to respond was deeply satisfying. It seemed as though my father’s hopes had come true, and he could finally be at peace knowing that I would be okay without that ‘lazy, spoiled kid’ in my life.»

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