Katy B — Honey|Album Review (Part 2)

The narrative of this track ties in quite neatly with the title of the album «Homework».

The idea is that this album is dedicated to their mentors, or teachers, Daft Punk literally listing each and every one from Dr. Dre to Brian Wilson. It really shows just how expansive the guys’ musical taste is, and also gives an insight on how this album come to be. 

Which makes me long for a part 2 to this track, in which it lists many artists that were influence by Daft Punk, although, that would be a track about half an hour long without even scratching the surface of the amount of artists that Daft Punk have influenced. The instrumental behind this track is comprised of a funky bassline, and on top of this chopped-up vocal sample that pops up enough to complement the track’s vocals, but doesn’t disrupt them, which is always fine and dandy, in my books.

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The next track, also a very funky jam «High Fidelity», is another 6-7 minute track that has 2 different grooves, one part which lasts about a minute long, and the other lasting about 3-4 minutes. Obviously, I wish that the first hook could have lasted longer, but then again, it almost acts a prelude to the second beat. The whole song is very chopped-up and eccentric, it feels like Todd Edwards had a hand in the making of this track.

Love the drums on this thing, it’s pumping, but also has these meddled hi-hats sprinkled in as well. Now, the next track «Rock ‘n’ Roll» is the fastest track on the album, and it really feels it. This track is harsh, and there a lot of comparisons to «Rollin’ ‘n’ Scratchin’». The lead melody, if you can call it that, also sounds like some sort of living animal, rising and falling. But what really sets the track apart is the beat. 

It is banging, full of claps and hi-hats dotted around the bass-filled kicks, that makes it one of the stand-out moments of the album, and, believe me, that is an impressive feat when the track is on this album. Another interlude opens up after the track, titled «Oh Yeah», which is a nice little two-minute cool-down track, which doesn’t at all disrupt the pace and the intensity of the album. 

It features this distinct bassline that’s morphed and tampered with to create these neat little effects that thankfully aren’t overused, I think they could have easily overdone it with the effects, but chose to make it a more subtle track, and I think that the track does benefit from that decision. Next up, one of the last singles to come from this album, «Burnin’», which is yet another 7 minute belter of a track, which is another track that shows the build-up-then-release structure that we previously saw on «Revolution 909». 

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But this song is layered like an onion, and a very hot one at that, if you will excuse the pun (Not even a pun though, I don’t what I was thinking). This song has these pulsating rhythms, pickering synth notes, and, as we have seen a lot of on this album, a damn good bassline. This track reminds a lot of another dance track, Junior Jack’s Thrill Me. If you like Burnin’, go check out Thrill Me, I swear it has the same bassline. Next track, «Indo Silver Club, Pt. II» the penultimate track, is yet again, an absolute banger. 

It’s got this great melody, that is backed up by this simple but dancable beat. There is so much pump in the track that you just can’t help but nod your head along. Then another element comes in, jumping around, bouncing up and down. The track then breaks down to just the beat and the hook, and, as Daft Punk just love to do, bring it all back in again for one final trip to the proverbial Indo Silver Club. 

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The final track, excluding the outro «Funk Ad», which is barely a track, let’s be honest, I wish they could have made that into a remix though, that would been quite interesting. Anyway, the final track «Alive» is a remade version of their first ever track as Daft Punk «The New Wave». It is a lot slower than the original, but it sounds much more polished, and that is a huge plus for the song.

The song is very simple, it’s simply built upon these epic synthesizer lead which are backed up by synth chords that are menacingly big in feel. It all creates just such an epic finish to this album. Daft Punk know how to finish an album, and we have seen that on each of their albums. They always know the perfect tone to finish off an album. Overall, this album is pretty much flawless.

This album is one of those albums that is about as close as you can get to perfection. I don’t think it’s worthy of a 10/10, there are a few little issues here and there, maybe some of the tracks go on for a bit too long, and this album was essentially dwarfed by their next album, Discovery. But, if Discovery is a musical odyssey, Homework is more of a night out club crawling.

That being said, you are in for one of the best, best nights out you will ever experience. This album laid the foundation for the robots, and is now often cited as a seminal album in an important decade for music’s evolution. And, I guess that’s it. Thank you very much for watching, and tarrah.

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